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Despite the continuation of the electricity crisis in Lebanon, and its frequent interruptions; The power cuts, in light of the most important parliamentary elections in the country, which suffers from multiple crises, shocked many.

The Lebanese at the polling stations were surprised that the electricity was cut off, whether during the elections or the vote counting operations later, despite the promises of the Lebanese Ministry of Interior to provide the electricity necessary to conduct the elections and work to ensure that they are not interrupted.

Pictures of some Lebanese citizens after the power outage spread in the polling stations, searching for their names in the voters’ lists in the light of their mobile phone headlights, in addition to other pictures from the sorting process in one of the committees; The sorters had to use emergency flashlights, next to the lights of mobile phones.

Electricity crisis in Lebanon

The majority of polling stations in Tripoli witnessed power cuts, especially in the Tall al-Kabir and Baalbek area, despite the Lebanese Ministry of Interior announcing that it had drawn up a plan to secure electricity in the polls with hundreds of thousands of dollars, in addition to providing Electricité du Liban (EDL) supplies and private generators.

Electricity crisis in Lebanon
A picture from inside a polling station – Photo from the Emirati newspaper Al-Ittihad

Yesterday, Sunday, May 15, the Lebanese began casting their votes to choose new representatives in Parliament, to overcome the current crises. On top of this is the electricity crisis in Lebanon, which was manifested economically and reflected on the energy in the country, which has become unable to provide the minimum requirements of its life, which is electricity.

Initial indications indicate that Hezbollah, backed by Iran, has taken a heavy blow to the Saudi-allied Lebanese Forces party, which is expected to provide all the country’s energy needs if it wins these elections, according to Reuters.

Candidate Programs and the Electricity Crisis

Despite the fierce competition between the conflicting parties for seats in the Lebanese Parliament; The main issues, especially the electricity crisis in Lebanon and the issue of climate change, were absent – except for a little – from the candidates’ programs, although they were the main focus of discussion in the country recently.

Electricity crisis in Lebanon
Voters looking for their names in the rolls on the lights of the phones – photo from the UAE portal of Al-Ain

The Lebanese are currently suffering from power cuts of more than 20 hours a day; In some cities, the power is cut off for 22 hours and only returns for two hours, due to the significant decline in production with the absence of power supplies that come from abroad.

The current Lebanese Parliament elections are the first since the start of the financial crisis in the country in October 2019, which caused a wide wave of protests across Lebanon, and reduced about 75% of the population to the poverty level.

In light of the shortage of medicines and fuel, and the electricity crisis in Lebanon, the World Bank considered that the economic crisis that Lebanon is currently going through is the worst financial crisis the world has witnessed in nearly a century and a half.

Solutions to the crisis in Lebanon

Experts pin hopes on renewable energy projects in Lebanon such as solar energy, in addition to new policies to protect the environment, in providing long-term solutions to the electricity crisis in Lebanon, as well as providing protection from future financial and political crises.

Electricity in Lebanon

And the Lebanese government had previously agreed, last April, to establish two new power stations, to overcome the electricity outage crisis, which has become the major problem facing the Lebanese recently.

The Minister of Energy, Walid Fayyad, announced that the government agreed to proceed with contracts to establish, finance and operate new power stations, so that the Lebanese would obtain greater amounts of electricity, and assigning the ministry to expedite the tendering, to attract offers to build, transform and operate the stations.

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