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Monday 16 May 2022

I wrote – Menna Omar:

Manchester City made it difficult to win the Premier League title after a draw against West Ham (2-2) during the match that brought them together in the 37th round of competition, to lose two points in its struggle against Liverpool.

City is still at the top of the Premier League table with 90 points and has a final round at home against Aston Villa (at exactly five in the evening next Sunday), while Liverpool is in second place with 86 points and has a game left against Southampton (tomorrow away from its stadium) and then receives Wolverhampton in the round. The last at Anfield (at 5 pm next Sunday).

Who is the closest to winning the Premier League title?

There is still a chance against Manchester City, in the event of a victory over Aston Villa in the last round, the Premier League title will be decided in its favour, regardless of the outcome of Liverpool’s last two matches.

As for Liverpool, their victory in their next two matches will not guarantee them the crown unless City stumbles with a draw or loss in their last match.

What are the chances of winning for City and Liverpool?

City chances

– In the event of City’s draw against “Villains” in the last round (he will raise his score to 91 points) with Liverpool beating Southampton in the penultimate round (89 points), Pep Guardiola’s battalion will need to stumble the Reds with a tie or loss in the last round against Wolverhampton.

– In the event that City loses in the last round (90 points), with Liverpool winning against Southampton in the penultimate round (89), the heavenly club will need to lose Jurgen Klopp’s battalion against “wolves”, but in the event of the Reds’ tie, the two teams will be equal in the number of points .. (We will review Later the position in the event of an equal number of points)

Liverpool chances

Any stumble for City against Aston Villa, provided that Liverpool win their next two matches, will give Klopp’s battalion the title officially.

What happens if the number of points is equal?

City and Liverpool may be equal in the number of points in one case, which is that City loses to Aston Villa (90 points), and Liverpool wins one match and draws in another (90 points).

According to the tournament regulations, there are controls and conditions that resolve the controversy over teams being equal in the number of points, especially if it is necessary to determine a winner of the title, relegated to the Champions League, or qualified for other competitions.

In the event of an equality in the total number of points, the “goal difference” is used, that is, the goals received from the scorer are subtracted. In the event of a tie, a play-off at a neutral venue will also be scheduled to determine the winner, relegator or qualifier for other competitions.

In the case of City and Liverpool, the current “goal difference” is in the interest of the heavenly club (a difference of +7 goals from Liverpool), which means that the Reds need to score 7 or more goals against Wolverhampton.

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