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Spain is seeking to find alternatives to Algerian gas supplies, in light of the recent threat to cut off exports, especially after Algeria announced its intention to review the prices of gas exported to Madrid.

In this regard, Spanish media sources revealed that the upcoming visit of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa, could revolve around the possibility of relying on Qatari gas to compensate for the lack of supplies.

The Spanish websites indicated that a possible solution to the dispute between Algeria and Spain over gas could be in the hands of Qatar.

She also confirmed that the visit of the Emir of Qatar to Spain – which begins tomorrow, Tuesday, and will last for two days – will be devoted to discussing the energy file, and that it may lead to important agreements in this regard.

Algerian gas to Spain

For its part, Spain revealed that the share of gas exported to it from Algeria decreased during the month of April, according to the French-language platform “Algerie Fox”.

Algeria had threatened to cut off gas from Spain, if it exports part of it to Morocco, since it is a breach of the terms of contractual obligations and a change of destination from those stipulated in the contracts.

This came after Spain informed Algeria of the reverse flow license through the Maghreb and Europe gas pipeline.

Sources warned that “Spain should not redirect a single molecule of Algerian gas to Morocco,” “for Algeria, the red line will be the delivery of Algerian gas to Morocco.”

Gas pipeline - Algeria - Morocco

Spain defends itself

Spain responded to these allegations by assuring that it would ensure that gas flows to Morocco would not include Algerian gas.

She stressed that “Morocco is the one who contracts on LNG quantities” through the Maghreb and Europe gas pipeline.

The Spanish Minister of Environmental Transformation, Teresa Ribera, explained that “not a single molecule of Algerian gas” – which is supplied to Spain – will reach Morocco.

She said, “The agreement that we provide from a commercial point of view to Morocco is the infrastructure, but with a basic condition that Morocco is the one who contracts on the quantities of liquefied natural gas through that pipeline in the reverse direction between north and south.”

“The source of that gas and the place where that gas is emptied will be transparent and public, so we can be certain that the volume, origin and destination are consistent with this commitment with Algeria,” she added.

Nigerian-Algerian gas pipeline

In another context, the Algerian Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, confirmed that negotiations on the completion of the Nigerian-Algerian gas pipeline deal will start soon.

Algerian gas
Algerian Energy Minister Mohamed Arkab – archive

In exclusive statements to “Energy”, Arkab added that negotiations on the Nigerian-Algerian gas pipeline are continuing with the Nigerian side, and they stressed that “the news will be good.”

He explained that a high-level Algerian delegation will visit the capital Abuja in the coming days, especially that the pace of coordination and negotiations is going well.

And Nigerian Energy Minister Timbri Silva had announced – earlier – the start of extending the trans-Saharan gas pipeline to Algeria, paving the way for the delivery of supplies to Europe.

Silva explained – a report published by Algiers International Channel – that the economic feasibility and financial returns of the pipeline, which will carry Nigerian gas to Europe through Algeria, are much higher than the parallel project proposed by Morocco.

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