Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino confirmed that he is happy to visit Qatar, the host country for the 2022 World Cup, the biggest football event ever, the end of the current world.

The coach of the Paris club said on the sidelines of a press conference held on Sunday, May 15, in the presence of the two stars of the Italian team, Marco Verratti and French defender Presnel Kimpembe, that he is eager to visit the World Cup stadiums in Qatar.

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At the beginning of the conference, Pochettino expressed his happiness to be in Doha and meet the fans in Qatar, and said: “This visit was scheduled last January, but it was canceled due to the Corona pandemic, and it is always amazing to be here with the fans in a country that loves football and has Huge passion, especially since it will be hosting the World Cup in a few months, so our presence in Doha is an important moment for us and our fans.”

In response to winwin’s question about the objectives of the visit, Pochettino said: “The visit is related to different activities, and it is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the club and its fans, but we do not have time to train because we played Saturday in the French league against Metz, so the short duration of the visit reduced the diversity of our activities; but We will visit some of the World Cup stadiums.”

Pochettino admires the 2022 World Cup stadiums in Qatar

Speaking about Qatar’s preparations for the World Cup and the World Cup stadiums, Pochettino said: “I will have the opportunity to visit the World Cup stadiums, and I think they are perfect, as I visited them in 2019, on my last visit to Qatar, and it was about to end in time, and I trust that Everything will be ready, and I hope to be in Doha to watch the World Cup live from the heart of the action, Qatar will organize a wonderful World Cup.”

On the participation of his country, Argentina, in the World Cup Qatar 2022, Pochettino said: “I was in the World Cup in Korea and Japan, and it is very exciting, and it is wonderful to participate in the World Cup in Qatar 2022, and it seems that things will be great here, and I think that Argentina is always a candidate to win.” With the title, especially as it has a team that always plays to win the cup, and we have special players, and they performed well in the last Copa America.

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Pochettino spoke about his evaluation of the Paris Saint-Germain season, and said: “The goal is always for Paris to win the Champions League, and the important thing is to try and give a special performance so that we have the potential, and the team has already reached the semi-finals and the final, and this season we played with big teams like Real.” Madrid, and our goal is to learn from our experiences.

He added: The Parisian is always looking to win, and we have all the tools; But it was not easy, and we must prepare well to compete strongly in addition to a percentage of success, especially that we were superior to Real Madrid, but we did not qualify, and we have to keep trying, and I think that the players have a winning mentality, and winning the Champions League is one of the big goals For the Parisian, it is true that we have won many titles, but we want to win everything, and these players are writing the history of the club, and we must admit what the players have achieved, and we were recently able to add the league title to the Parisian, and we have to improve, and I think the club is on the right track, and the club will achieve His goals are soon, I guess it’s only a matter of time.

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Regarding the meeting with the club president in Doha, he said: We always talk with the club president regarding the future of the team, and I am happy to have him here and to have the opportunity to meet the fans, because we are always working for the future and moving forward in order to achieve more titles and championships.

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