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Written by: Hossam El Din Gamal

Jurgen Klopp, coach of Liverpool, believes that his team is not the most likely candidate for the Champions League title this season, and that Real Madrid, its opponent in the final, is the closest candidate.

It is scheduled to meet Real Madrid and Liverpool in the final of the Champions League (2021-2022) on May 28 in the French capital, Paris.

Klopp said in the press conference before facing Southampton in the 37th round of the English Premier League: “It will be a huge thing if in two weeks we win the Champions League final, but we play with the most experienced team in the Champions League.”

He added, “We are not the favorites for the title, Real Madrid has already won the league title and is playing more comfortably, while we still have to play two important matches before going to the final.”

Real Madrid had won the Spanish League title at the end of last April, while Liverpool is still competing with Manchester City for the English Premier League title.

And the German coach spoke about his choices for the starting lineup in the Southampton match, and said: “Southampton will try to beat us, so we must make sure that we can deal with them. Tomorrow we will see who will start after 120 minutes (against Chelsea in the FA Cup final).”

He continued: “This is our 60th game this season, when was the last game Southampton played? 10 or 12 days ago?”

And he added: “We only played 120 minutes two days ago, an extra 30 minutes that made a big difference, we have a lot of decisions and we will form a team with one goal, which is to try to win the game in Southampton.”

He continued: “They may miss the rhythm of play, but we may also lose this advantage if we make changes in the formation, it will become completely new.”

The Liverpool coach indicated that Fabinho will not be able to catch the match against Southampton, knowing that his recovery from injury is going well.

While Klopp did not address Mohamed Salah’s position on participating against Southampton, after he was injured in the final against Chelsea.

At the end of his statements, Klopp spoke about the competition with Manchester City for the English Premier League title, where he said: “I do not know the last time they lost two points in a row, Aston Villa should play in the middle of the week (with Burnley) and they are not used to it, I do not expect that City lose points there.

Manchester City missed two points in a 2-2 draw with West Ham United, to be satisfied with raising its score to 90 points at the top of the Premier League standings, with one game remaining for it, one point ahead of Liverpool, which has two games remaining.

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