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Al-Ahly was crowned the champion of the Basketball Super League season 2021/2022 after defeating Al-Ittihad of Alexandria in the fifth match in the “best of 5” series, with a score (88-75), over the Dr. Hassan Mustafa halls complex on the sixth of October.

Al-Ahly decided the deciding match in his favour, ending the series with a score of 3-2 for the Red Genie, to crown the Pro League for the first time since 2016 and for the sixth time in its history, and avenge the loss of the title of the previous version at the hands of the Alexandrian Federation in 2020.

Al-Ahly, led by Spanish coach Augusti Bosch, achieved the full mark after controlling all basketball tournaments this season in an unprecedented historical event, as it was crowned in the Super League, the Associated League, the Egypt Cup, the Arab Championship and the Cairo Region Championship.

Al-Ahly is also guaranteed to participate in the next edition of the BAL African Basketball Championship for Clubs, which is held under the auspices of the NBA.

Ihab Amin, Al-Ahly player, played the championship role in the deciding match, where he scored more than 30 points against Al-Ittihad of Alexandria.

Al-Ahly won the second, third and fifth matches, while Al-Ittihad won the first and fourth matches.

The first match that brought the two teams together was the original time ended with a score of 75-75, to resort to an extra time that ended with the victory of Al-Ittihad 86-77, while Al-Ahly won the second confrontation with a score of 73-60 before the third meeting was decided in its favour, with a score of 63-60, before winning Al-Ittihad in the fourth meeting with a score of 85-75.

The Basketball Super League final series was held using the Playoff system (Best of 5), where the winning team of three matches crowned the championship title.

the summary of the match:

The match started with mutual control by Al-Ahly and Al-Ittihad until the end of the first period, which was decided by a tie (14-14).

As for the second period, Al Ittihad of Alexandria excelled, so that the first half ended with a score of (33-31) in favor of the leader of the gap against Al-Ahly.

Thanks to successive triples from Ihab Amin Najm Al-Ahly, the red team was able to advance in the result by 13 points during the third period that ended (60-47).

Al-Ahly’s superiority continued in the fourth period, amid clear control over the match, until it ended in his favour, with a score of (88-75).

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