Hamad Al-Sheikh.. Advance education to compete globally

In every conversation in which the Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh, appears, he praises male and female teachers, praises their role in the educational process, and appreciates their role and status in performing their mission, for his belief in their abilities and skills in preparing a Saudi student who is proud of his religion, his country and his leadership.

Since Al-Sheikh assumed the position at the beginning of 2019, the development journey in the education sector has begun, bringing the ministry into a new practical era, with universities, schools and their employees moving with it in the processes of change and breaking the deadlock that it lived through in years past, and announces a new stage entitled work, innovation and competition internationally.

During the three years, education wore a new dress of continuous work and great efforts, the features and results of which appeared on the educational process in universities and schools, through international classifications and global awards, the latest of which was the Kingdom’s male and female students winning 22 awards at the international exhibition “ISEF 2022”, to confirm the competition project. global education.

The successes of education did not depend on male and female students winning international awards. Rather, it was preceded by weeks of the Kingdom’s progress in the general index of the (QS) classification of universities at the global level, with 14 Saudi universities in the 2022 classification instead of 9 universities in 2019, and also achieving technical and vocational training in the Kingdom ranked According to the results of the Global Knowledge Index, it ranked ninth globally for the past year 2021, in addition to the achievements of many scholarships in various fields, which confirm the quality of education outcomes and attention to it.

The Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh, from his first day in his position in the ministry, has been supervising all education plans and strategies, and his determination to achieve his goal does not stop, and the support and encouragement of his work team continues, with the aim of advancing education globally, and improving its outcomes, to prepare a citizen who is proud of his religion, his country and his leadership, and who competes globally. .

Al-Sheikh, who has experiences and capabilities in the economy, knowledge and education, and holds a doctorate in the philosophy of economics, planning and development from Stanford University in the United States of America, is working on developing the education sector, to keep pace with developed countries, and in line with the Kingdom’s vision 2030, and this is achieved through the rapid growth that The sector is witnessing, thanks to the generous support of the wise leadership, which is concerned with building and investing in people.

Al-Sheikh’s march has so far witnessed many achievements and changes that made the school year different from the previous one, by applying the new study plans, which include different assessment tools, and multiple vacations, in order to raise learning outcomes, and benefit from the days of the year in science and knowledge.

Al-Sheikh realized that building and protecting minds starts from childhood, so the Ministry of Education has introduced new subjects in the current academic year, including digital skills, critical thinking, physical education, self-defense, life and family skills, and the development of other existing curricula, such as Islamic studies, social studies, enriching citizenship and enhancing national character. The development of 21 special education curricula, and the development of art education fields to include plastic, visual and performance, with the aim of developing the skills of male and female students, to match the knowledge and technical development that the world is witnessing.

The Ministry of Education faced great challenges, perhaps the most prominent of which was the Corona pandemic and the suspension of studies, but the Ministry, led by Al-Sheikh, won the challenge and devised solutions within hours of its decision to suspend the study, so that the education journey continues without stopping, and then launches the My School platform, which has become an international model referred to in Lebanon, And it confirms the strength and durability of the educational system in the Kingdom, and bypassing the most difficult conditions.

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