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Al-Ahly stands on solid ground in its crisis with the Confederation of African Football, supported by documents and documents that strengthen its position before the International Sports Court “CAS” to which the Red Club raised the case.

Today, Al-Ahly’s administration is officially submitting an urgent complaint to the International Sports Court, requesting the cancellation of the Confederation of African Football’s decision to hold the Champions League final in the same stadium for the second year in a row and the failure to provide justice and equal opportunities through a specialized legal office, and the whole club is to defend its rights.

According to what Masrawy did, the portfolio of documents prepared by Amr Shaheen, CEO of Al-Ahly Football Company and former CAF Director of Marketing, is based on 3 points, namely:

1- Violation of the principle of equal opportunity in determining the location of the final stadium

2- Changing the deadline in violation of the tournament regulations

3- Violation of the Executive Office’s decision to hold the final on a neutral stadium

In the coming lines, Masrawy presents the documents for each point that support Al-Ahly’s position against Kef, who committed 3 catastrophic mistakes that witnessed a conflict that led to a violation of equal opportunities and a violation of the principle of fair play:


CAF has opened the door for applications to receive requests from clubs that wish to host the final match in January 2022 before the start of the group stage.

CAF officially announced Morocco’s hosting of the Champions League final on May 9, 2022, after the semi-final first leg match, which resulted in the victory of Moroccan Wydad against Petro Atletico of Angola at the latter’s stadium, 3-1.

Lux September, CAF Media Director, said, “There are 4 countries that applied before the voting closed, and they are: Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco and Senegal, and South Africa did not have to observe all the required conditions, and there was a competition between the Senegalese and Moroccan federations, after which Senegal withdrew, and therefore we had only Morocco, because it is the country that remained to host the match, and Nigeria was granted the right to host the Confederation Final because the conditions are different.”

According to the official letters of CAF sent to the national federations whose clubs qualified for the group stage on December 9, 2021, they refute what the CAF media director said, as they did not separate the terms of the Champions League and the conditions of the Confederation and equalize the conditions, as the criterion was the same before granting Morocco the right to host.

CAF did not appear or announce through its media director any document that shows (when, where and how) the voting process took place, the names that participated in the vote, and the letter of Senegal’s withdrawal, while the director of the media department emphasized transparency in the selection.

The second point is that CAF opened the door for submission to receive the requests of clubs that wish to host the final match in January 2022 before the start of the group stage and officially announced Morocco’s hosting of the Champions League final on May 9, 2022, after the semi-final first leg match that resulted in the victory of Moroccan Wydad against Petro Atletico of Angola. On the latter’s court, with a score of 3-1, that is, more than two months after the door for nominations closed.


The date of the match put Al-Ahly in trouble because of its interference with the international matches window that begins on the morning of the final day, which strikes the principle of equal opportunities and harms the Red Club, which includes among the ranks of 10 players, including among its ranks the international professional quartet: Tunisian Ali Maaloul, and South African Percy Tau, And Malian Aliou Diang, and Mozambican Luis Miquesoni, while Wydad does not have any international players.

And the seventh article of the door for players to join the national team says that the window for international matches is a period of 9 days, starting from Monday morning for the pause period and ending on Tuesday night of the following week. They must travel back no later than Monday morning (the date of the African final match) and must travel back no later than Wednesday morning after the end of the international match window.

The second article regarding players joining the national team says that clubs are obliged to allow players to join the national teams during the matches listed on the international agenda.

Kef, who supervises all competitions, whether for African teams or clubs, had set the holding of the African final one of the days of the 27th or 28th of May in an official document (although the European Union set last February the 28th of May as the date for the Champions League final), but it set Monday May 30 after his president invited the Champions League final.

Kaf violated the CAF Champions League regulation, which says that the championship matches will be Friday, Saturday or Tuesday, and the amendment is only for compelling reasons.

The fourth paragraph of the chapter on the calendar and the tournament system also confirms that the dates specified for the matches of the various rounds and the final can not be changed except in the case of force majeure that is determined by the committee of the whole organization, which is the same as what was mentioned in the tenth paragraph of the same chapter, who confirmed that the matches for the role of Groups, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals shall be played on Friday, Saturday or Tuesday, except in the case of force majeure decided by CAF.


The Confederation of African Football “C” decided in July 2019 after the crisis of the final of Esperance Tunis and Wydad Morocco with its will to hold the final match of one match on a neutral stadium, with the vote of the members of the Executive Office.

And the following “CAF” document stated: “The executive office of CAF decided, after what happened in the face of Wydad and Esperance, to hold the final match of one match on a (neutral stadium), and to give instructions to sufficient management to prepare the conditions and call for applications to host the final of African club competitions.”

The previous sufficient decision, which came before the emergence of the new Corona virus (Covid-19) necessitated some exceptional measures in the first final in the new form, as the Cairo International Stadium was determined based on the two teams qualified for the final match to facilitate movement in light of the precautionary measures that the world witnessed.

And Kef decided to hold the final in Egypt in the event of the rise of Al-Ahly and Zamalek, or its establishment in Morocco in the event of the rise of Wydad and Raja, and the third option was the draw in the event of the rise of a Moroccan and another Egyptian team, which was conducted and won by the Mohammed V complex, while it was announced that the Mohammed V complex would host the last season’s edition 2020-2021. After going to the quarter-finals.

After easing the precautionary restrictions, it was necessary to return to the original agreed upon and recommended by the Executive Office “the legislator” and the highest authority in the African Union to specify a “neutral” stadium for the Champions League and to exclude the Mohammed V complex or an Egyptian stadium – if it is advanced – as the list of the championship was granted, specifically in Article 28, the African Union choose the final stadium, but according to the decision of the Executive Office.

The evidence is that CAF in the 2019 edition made the draw in the event that an Egyptian and Moroccan team qualified for the final match and did not choose a stadium to sell according to Article 28 of the current regulation.

It is worth noting that the International Sports Court “CAS” had previously annulled the Executive Office’s decision issued in June 2019 to repeat the Champions League final match between Esperance and Wydad, which was taken by CAF to violate the regulations, as the African Union decided to repeat the match for the disruption of the video referee, while the Tunisian Club Cup did justice to the lack of requirements for the laws of the game Holding matches in the presence of VAR.

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