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Denmark’s Vestas is taking a new step to boost prospects for offshore wind energy production in Copenhagen, allowing the construction of a facility that converts electricity into green fuels.

The world’s largest offshore wind turbine manufacturer is collaborating with European Energy to start building and installing three 15 MW V236 turbines in Denmark, with plans to be operational by 2024.

Offshore wind resources are superior to those on land, due to the factors of speed, abundance, ease of operation, and the absence of obstacles, according to the “Interesting Engineering” newspaper, citing the US Department of Energy.

Danish Vestas turbines

The city of Frederikshavn is preparing for a qualitative shift in the sources of electricity generation by installing and building the Danish company Vestas 3 offshore wind turbines, and installing their structures at a strong sea depth, supported by the latest technologies.

Danish Vestas
Denmark’s Vestas plans to expand offshore wind power in frigid regions – Photo courtesy of Aalto Elibesto

European Energy is developing 5 sites 4 km from the coast of Frederikshavn, in preparation for the selection of 3 of them; To include the project and the developed Danish Vestas turbines.

The Danish company tested the first experimental prototypes of the 15-megawatt V236 turbine in February last year, while it is planned to be built at an onshore testing center in Austrild.

Vetsas and European Energy have received approvals to start building the installation of the 3 offshore turbines in Frederikshavn, while the Danish government intends to bring the projects into operation in 2024.

Denmark’s plans to expand renewables and offshore wind energy are in line with the global trend in support of climate goals and clean electricity.

The Danish Vestas also aspires to spread its technologies and offshore wind turbines in cold regions, citing the experience of a number of researchers, who conducted it two months ago to test and simulate the suitability of operating offshore wind turbines in the freezing temperature range, as they conducted their experiment in the Alto Ice Tank Basin according to the following video clip.

Renewable electricity and clean fuel

European Energy CEO Knud Eric Andersen revealed that the success of the construction of offshore turbines in cooperation with the Danish company Vestas allows the development of a project and the construction of a facility to convert clean electricity into fuel in the port of Frederikshavn “Power to X”, which allows supplying the shipping industry through renewable energy sources.

Andersen saw that the cooperation project with the Danish company Vestas not only contributes to the development of clean technologies that support the fight against climate change, but also turns the city of Frederikshavn into a renewable energy hub in northern Denmark.

On the other hand, Christian Gerloff, responsible for offshore wind technologies at the Danish company Vestas, said that the construction and installation of the three turbines in Frederikshavn represents a promising opportunity for his company to conduct a test of the company’s production near manufacturing sites and research facilities, before the company expands its export operations.

Gerloff added that his company is building offshore wind turbines of the type “V236” with a capacity of 15 megawatts in Denmark, in cooperation with European Energy.

wind power capacity

offshore wind projects

The Danish company Vestas continues its expansion in the field of offshore wind turbines, and recently it has taken measures and measures that will enhance its expansion plans.

The last quarter of last year witnessed a state of momentum in the list of the Danish company’s projects, as it received orders to supply turbines to America, and also won a supply deal to Italy and Brazil.

The countries of the Middle East had a large share of the spread of the company’s technologies and turbines, as the Danish Vestas announced, in late October, plans to open the largest wind power plants in Saudi Arabia, and the kingdom’s choice to establish a regional headquarters.

The company continued its Arab expansion, and showed an interest in supporting renewable energy and wind energy projects in Egypt at the end of last January.

The company experienced headwinds, affected by the global energy price crisis and supply chain turmoil, that pushed its profits down by 39% during the past 2021, as it was announced last February, and Vestas announced last month its exit from its business in Russia and the suspension of projects in progress following the invasion of Ukraine. .

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