Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, who has won the Ballon d’Or 5 times, is doing his best to remain at the top both individually and collectively, but his career has begun to decline since his departure from Real Madrid in the summer of 2018.

The “Madeira missile” lived some beautiful moments with his former club, Juventus, and in his second period with his current club, Manchester United, but he did not succeed with them in winning again his favorite championship, the Champions League, which made him move away from winning the Golden Ball awarded by “France Football” and the best award. “The best” presented by the International Football Association “FIFA”.

Despite this, Ronaldo remains a legend that fans of the round witch will remember from generation to generation, but the Portuguese does not want to be satisfied with that, and continues to work tirelessly in training, as if the legend Gilgamesh in her strenuous search for the herb of immortality.

Ronaldo, with his physique that exceeds what football players usually possess, appears to be a living embodiment of Gilgamesh, who was portrayed by the Sumerian epic with a massive physique and supernatural powers greater than humans, but he is shocked by the departure of his friend Enkidu, and wonders in himself what the value of all this is if His ultimate destiny is annihilation.

After his friend’s departure, Gilgamesh begins to search for a herb that guarantees immortality for those who eat it.

On the other hand, Ronaldo faced many difficulties and shocks this season, including his fasting for a few matches with Manchester United, his exclusion from some matches, and the loss with heavy results with his team United, the latest of which was the resounding 0-4 defeat in the last match against Brighton on Saturday, May 7 / May.

Ronaldo’s insistence on not recognizing the age of the universe (the decline of the body’s capabilities with age), and his determination to swim against the tide to continue at the top makes Gilgamesh the world of football par excellence, and his disbelief looks at what happened after the resounding loss from Brighton, similar to Gilgamesh’s eyes heavy with sorrow after he The snake defeated him and stole from him the secret of immortality.

Cristiano Jr.. Ronaldo’s chance to gain immortality in the manner of English writer William Shakespeare

The English playwright and poet William Shakespeare is considered one of the greatest, if not the greatest, English writers. In his lifetime, he wrote 154 sonnets “a 14-line poem in English”, in which he explains that immortality is not possible for humans; He says in Sonnet 18 what it means, “All beautiful things will lose their beauty, either by chance or by a change in the course of nature”:

And every fair from fair sometime declines,

…By chance or nature’s changing

Sonnets 1 to 17 are called the sonnets of persuasion, in which Shakespeare tries to persuade a beautiful and wealthy young man to marry, assuring him that his beauty will not remain the same and will change with time, and that the only way available to him to preserve his beauty is marriage to have a son who immortalizes his beautiful image and makes it regenerate to gain immortality and protect it from the yard.

It seems that Ronaldo realized early on the wisdom of Shakespeare, who lived his first years of youth in England, where he spent his first period with Manchester United; Therefore, he provided his son, Cristiano Jr., with the appropriate atmosphere to entice him to play football and then become professional.

Looking at the history of the sons of football stars and the geniuses of history in general, it becomes clear that it is difficult for the sons of these stars and geniuses to come at a level similar to or close to the level of their parents, and this is clear by looking at the careers of players such as the sons of the former French star Zinedine Zidane.

Ronaldo Jr. will have a golden opportunity in the coming years; In order to first prove that he is an exception that breaks the previous rule, as the Italian Paolo Maldini did, who was the best successor to his father Cesare in Milan and the Italian national team, and to fulfill his father’s dream of immortality.

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