An Egyptian circular requires 207 veterinarians to work for the "Saudi Environment"

A circulating circular bearing the name of the office of the Director of the General Authority for Veterinary Services of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation in the Arab Republic of Egypt, aroused great resentment and astonishment among Saudi tweeters, after it included an announcement that included the desire of the “Saudi side” – according to the circular – to contract with 207 technicians and veterinary specialists. Egyptian masters and doctorate holders.

Saudi unemployment

The circular, which indicated that the Egyptian General Authority for Veterinary Services had received a telegram from the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in Saudi Arabia, ignited a great wave of discontent among many Saudi tweeters who took a stand, expressing their dissatisfaction with the ministry’s position, which ignored the presence of qualified Saudi unemployed, according to what he interacted with. Tweeters.

“Environment” for a Saudi doctor: We announce jobs periodically

The spread of the circular came like wildfire, after an Egyptian tweeter attached it to his account on “Twitter”, to the responses that ignited “Twitter” over the past two days, as one of the most prominent responses to the tweet was the comment of the Saudi veterinarian, Azzam Al-Salihi, saying: I regret seeing such news, and I am a Saudi veterinarian who has been unemployed for three years, but God is generous.”

In response to him, the official account in response to the beneficiaries of the services of the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture commented on Doctor Azzam’s tweet by saying: “Dear Doctor Azzam, we inform you that the ministry announces jobs for veterinarians (for Saudis) periodically on its website, the last of which was on 1443 / 3/15, We also inform you that during the coming period, new jobs will be announced.” She concluded the tweet with her wishes for continued success, revealing the required conditions and controls and the mechanism of applying for jobs via the following link:

The link leads to the announcement page in the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, about job vacancies for Saudi veterinarians, terms of employment, and branches with job needs. Which reveals that the official job offers did not exceed 13 veterinarians and 18 assistant veterinarians with Saudi bachelor’s holders, with a total of 31 vacancies out of 43 jobs offered on the site.

The Saudis: Give us the advantages of foreigners

The tweeters compared the size of the opportunities required to be filled by Egyptian cadres with the size of the opportunities available to Saudis, wondering about the ministry’s motive for taking this step, indicating that the ministry’s position did not differ from the position of the private sector in not taking into account the spread of unemployment between Saudis and Saudi women and the search for employment with low wages – according to their description – .

While the tweeters expected the ministry to refute the announcement containing its name and deny the employment application with detailed benefits and salaries to entice foreign doctors to apply for vacancies, but its interaction led the tweeters to make sure of the leaked circular, expressing their astonishment at the announcement of government opportunities including salaries and benefits to entice foreigners, while some of them resented the Benefits that Saudi contractors with the ministry have not received for five years.

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