Tunisia’s technical management hopes to attract more young talents active in first-class European teams, after it previously succeeded in persuading Manchester United’s Hannibal Al-Majbri, and Arsenal’s defense heart Omar Rakiq, to ​​represent the 35th-ranked team in the world.

The head of the Tunisian Football Association, Wadih Al-Jari, announced that priority should be given to the files of 6 players that the “Carthage Eagles” team hopes to include before the start of preparations for the Qatar World Cup 2022. The Tunisian Federation is also seeking to prepare a group of young people who can return Tunisia to participate in the Olympic Games, especially since the last participation of the Eagles She was at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Youssef Chermiti, striker for the Portuguese club Sporting Lisbon, is at the forefront of the stars that the Tunisian Football Association is seeking to include in the team.

Youssef Al-Sharmiti is distinguished by his scoring sense and efficiency in front of goal, in addition to his physical strength, speed and high technique, and he began his brilliance with the sporting age groups more than 3 years ago, and two seasons ago he won the title of top scorer for the under-15 season, and contributed greatly to crowning his team the league champion at the time at the expense of Porto Club.

Tunisian star Wahbi Khazri

Youssef continued his prominence with the U-16 team and the U-18 category since last season, which enabled him to win the first professional contract in his career with Sporting Lisbon. Chermiti is the first demand of the Tunisian public at the present time, given the absence of a classic striker and top scorer in the squad, coach Jalal Kadri.

To find out the latest developments in the Tunisian Football Association’s contacts with the talented player; winwin contacted the player’s cousin, the former Tunisian international star Amine Chermiti, who spoke, saying: “I think that the Tunisian Football Association is in constant contact with him, especially the daring president, Wadih, and other names such as the sports director of the national team, Salim Ben Othman. Youssef has not decided his choice between Tunisia and Portugal, who are participating with their national under-18 youth team, and I cannot be certain that he will choose the Carthage Eagles team.”

And the former striker of German Hertha Berlin added: “I would be very happy if he chose Tunisia, then he will work a lot for the happiness of the Tunisian people, and he will spare no effort to provide the addition, but I will respect his decision if he chooses who presented him with the best sports project, which may lead him to the pinnacle of brilliance in The biggest European team.

And he talked about the possibility of his relative joining the Tunisian national team soon, by saying: “Youssef loves Tunisia, and his family also wants to watch him defend the Tunisian colors soon. The importance of traveling to Portugal and talking to him and all the supervisors of his career directly, and also a complete and clear sports project must be presented by the Tunisian Football Association, as well as the family an important role in deciding his final choice.

Amine Chermiti chooses the most suitable striker and the ideal squad for Tunisia in the World Cup Qatar 2022

Amin Chermiti believes that the Tunisian team needs to rely on Taha Yassin Khenissi mainly during his expected participation in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, preferring him to his fellow candidates also to receive the invitation to represent Tunisia in the World Cup, but on the condition that he maintain his technical and physical presence and continue to provide good levels. With his Kuwaiti team Kuwait; Because there are many names that can make addition; Similar to Seif Al-Jaziri, the Egyptian striker, Issam Al-Jabali, the Danish striker.

Chermiti, the former top scorer for the Tunisian coastal star, the Saudi Federation of Jeddah and the Swiss Zurich, presented the most appropriate formation for the Tunisian team from his point of view in the 2022 World Cup, in the event that new talents are not attracted from Europe or injuries occur in the Tunisian team, by saying: “The best formation is In Bashir bin Saeed in the goalkeeper, Muhammad Dragher, Ali Maaloul, Bilal Al-Aifa and Muntasir Al-Talbi in the defense, with Elias Al-Sakhiri leading in the middle of the field, and alongside him is Issa Al-Aidoni and Ghaylan Al-Shaalali or Muhammad Ali bin Ramadan, while we rely in the offensive line on the trio Youssef Al-Masakni and Wahbi Al-Khazri. and Taha Yassin Khneisi.

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