Allies lost seats..Lebanese take revenge on "Hezbollah"

The preliminary results of the Lebanese parliamentary elections produced surprises that exceeded expectations, and reflected a noticeable rejection by the Lebanese of the ruling political class, especially Hezbollah, which had positioned itself as the supreme guide of Lebanon for years, as the sorting machines of all parties revealed that Hezbollah may win all its seats. But he lost a resounding loss of key seats that belonged to his Sunni, Christian and Druze allies.

According to observers of the counting results, the latest results will constitute a major blow to the party, as it is likely that the total number of seats for the party and its allies will not exceed 70 out of 128 seats.

Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi announced during a press conference today (Monday) the official results for only 4 constituencies, pointing out that the final results of the elections may be delayed, considering that the voter turnout was good. He added: We were able to complete the parliamentary elections despite all the challenges and skepticism. He stated that the percentage of impurities witnessed by the elections is very few compared to the number of districts, denying the circulating news about the loss of ballot boxes in some electoral districts. He confirmed the victory of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri.

And about the missing box No. 18 in Germany, Molloy announced that it was not missing, but that it arrived and was transferred from the Banque du Liban to the Beirut Palace of Justice and handed over to the Higher Registration Committees to be sorted. What was said otherwise is incorrect.

It is noteworthy that the most prominent comments on the preliminary results came from former Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who deliberately kept silent despite all the calls that were directed at him to utter the word “right” that would benefit the Sunni street. He said, tweeting on his Twitter account: “The elections have ended, and Lebanon is at a new turning point. The real victory for the entry of new blood into political life. Our decision to withdraw was correct. Shaking the structures of political dysfunction does not mean abandoning our responsibilities. We will remain where we are carrying the dream of Rafik Hariri and open our hearts and homes to people.” Observers responded to Hariri by saying, “Saad Fuld gave birth to a tweet that does not become fat and does not sing from hunger,” considering it another failed attempt to return to the political scene he uttered.

For his part, the head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Geagea, the biggest winner in the elections, said: The next parliament will be by degrees better than the current parliament, and it is possible that we can bring about the required change, but of course it will not be that simple, stressing that things will not go back to the way they were. The last 17 years, and at every stop we will continue the confrontation with all the peaceful and democratic ways that we have. He pointed out that these elections are of great importance by giving us the necessary number of deputies to complete the confrontation as it should within the parliament.

Meanwhile, “Hezbollah” is still maintaining complete silence, which may have repercussions in the coming days, because it and its ally, Gibran Bassil, will not be satisfied with the outcome.

The names of the winners in the announced constituencies are as follows:

The South’s first winners are

Abdul Rahman Al-Bizri

and Osama Saad

and Saeed Al-Asmar

And Charbel Massad

and Ghada Ayoub

The voter turnout in the second south (Tyre and Sidon villages) reached 48.8%, and the winners are Nabih Berri

Hassan Ezz El Din

Hussein Jeshi

Ali Khreis

Inaya Ezz El Din

Ali Oseiran

Michel Moussa

The winners in the first district of Mount Lebanon, Jbeil and Kesrouan:

Ziad Al-Hawat

Pioneer Pro

Nada Boustany

Ephrem’s blessing

Shawki Daccache

Farid El Khazen

Simon Abi Ramia

Salim Al Sayegh

The turnout in the first Bekaa, Zahle, was 49.5 percent, and the winners were

Ramy Abu Hamdan

George Okeis

Michel Daher

Elias Stephan

Salim Aoun

Bilal Al Hashimi

George Bushkian

The winners in the third Bekaa (Baalbek-Hermel): The winners are

Hussein Hajj Hassan

Ghazi Zuaiter

Ehab Hamada

Ali Salman

Bashir Miqdad

Ibrahim Moussawi

Antoine Habashi

Jamil Al-Sayed

Samer Al-Tom

and obtain peace

Melhem Al-Hujairi

Baabda District winners are:

Pierre Bou Assi

Hadi Abulhassan

Fadi Alama

Camille Chamoun

Alain Aoun

Ali Ammar

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