Algerian fans strongly defended the Algerian international, Riyad Mahrez, the star of Manchester City, after a torrent of criticism from some fans and followers, for missing a penalty kick during his team’s match against West Ham, on Sunday, May 15, in the penultimate stage. from the English Premier League.

Manchester City returned with a tie point from the Olympic Stadium in London against West Ham, after a 2-2 draw, and Mahrez missed a penalty kick in the 86th minute of the confrontation, missing his team the chance to win.

Algerian international and Manchester City star, Riyad Mahrez

In the last round, Manchester City will host Aston Villa, where Spanish coach Pep Guardiola’s team needs to win to secure the title without worrying about the results of his pursuit of Liverpool.

Some fans and analysts criticized the Algerian international after he missed a penalty kick, and based this on the incident of missing a penalty kick in the 2018/2019 season during the face of Liverpool in October 2018 in the English Premier League as well, although the missed kick for Mahrez in the match “The Hammers”. It is his first since 2018, in the English Premier League, knowing that he has scored 7 penalties this season in all competitions with City.

One fan commented on the criticism of Mahrez with a tweet in which he wrote: “If someone is to blame, it is the defense of Manchester City (Laporte, Fernandino and Zinchenko) .. It is a (amateur) defense…”, and another continued: “What is he waiting for until he leaves?” This club…?”, before another fan confirmed: “It is neither the first nor the last to miss a penalty.”

Algerians continued to defend Mahrez, and one of them said: “I hope in my heart that he will be crowned with the English Premier League title. He will never forget that, no matter how much he gives the club,” and another fan added, in response to some fans’ criticism: “The worst player (Mahrez) for some people.. He participated in 27 matches and scored 24 goals.

It is worth noting that Mahrez scored good numbers this season with “Sky Blues”, according to followers, to the point that he is the club’s top scorer, with a numerical tally of 24 goals and 9 assists in 46 games he played in all competitions.

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