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Sunday 15 May 2022

Books – Hadi Al-Madani:

Al-Ahly qualified for the final of the African Champions League, at the expense of Algeria’s ES Setif, to set a date against Wydad Casablanca in the final, for which the African Union chose Morocco to host the match.

In order to investigate some of the regulatory matters, we monitor the most prominent articles of the CAF Champions League regulations related to the final match.

Based on six articles of the CAF Champions League regulation, an amendment to the match date can only be made for compelling reasons.

The regulation also clarifies that the championship matches will be Friday, Saturday or Tuesday, which is in violation of the deadline set by Kafe, which was set on Monday, but the regulation opened a door to amendment in the event of force majeure.

There is a condition related to the selection of the referee, to be from a neutral region, with regard to the six regions located on the African continent.

The fourth paragraph of the section of the Organizing Committee for Club Championships

The Organizing Committee for Club Championships may hold one of its meetings in the tournament organizing the final match.

The fourth paragraph of the calendar and tournament system section

The exact dates of matches for the various rounds and the final can only be changed in the case of force majeure as determined by the whole organizing committee.

The tenth paragraph of the same chapter

Matches for the group stage, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals shall be played on Friday, Saturday or Tuesday, except in the case of force majeure determined by CAF.

Paragraph 28 of the same chapter

The final will be held from one match in a country chosen by CAF, the match will be 2X45 minutes, extra time 2X15 minutes can be played if the original time ends in a draw, and if after extra time the result is inconclusive, the winner will be determined by penalty kicks from the penalty point In accordance with the laws of the game.

Clause 3 of Article 9 (Stadium and timing of the match)

The venue, date and timing of group matches, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals are to be determined by the CAC, after consulting the host association, and after sufficient notice, no modification shall be accepted unless there is an exceptional and valid reason approved by the CAF Commission .

Paragraph 12 of the requirements and regulatory aspects

During the Champions League Final, the CAF Referees Committee will select the referees from a neutral zone, which does not represent the region to which either team qualified for the final of the relevant tournament belongs.

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