Participation rates are 15%... and 110,000 soldiers to secure the polls

At seven o’clock this morning (Sunday), the Lebanese parliamentary elections began in 15 electoral districts, amid strict security measures.

During his vote in Haret Hreik, Lebanese President Michel Aoun considered that voting is a duty for every citizen, and there should be no neutrality in a major issue represented in choosing the system of government.

Prime Minister Najib Mikati confirmed, after casting his vote in Tripoli, that the state with all its apparatuses is mobilized to achieve this democratic occasion, pointing out that things are going well, calling on the Lebanese to choose the best. He stated that the state prepared for this entitlement and recruited more than 100,000 members, praising all the efforts that have been made and will be made by judges, officials and security personnel, hoping that the coming days will bring goodness to Lebanon.

For his part, Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi said during a tour of a number of polling stations that the only way to build tomorrow’s Lebanon is through mass voting, calling on the Lebanese to vote massively and choose the best, stressing that the boycott does nothing, promising transparent results.

As for the most prominent position, it was the Mufti of Lebanon, Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, who is striving to discourage the Sunni sect from boycotting due to the positions of Saad Hariri, as he called on everyone to go to the polls, because the Lebanese must determine what they want through the boxes. He stressed that the opportunity is available to all of us to express our pain, our oppression, our humiliation and our needs in this country.

He stressed that change takes place at the ballot box, and change must take place in the interest of Lebanon, the Lebanese, our future, and the future of our children and grandchildren. Derian said that Lebanon calls you on this important historic day, so do not leave this day without an election, wishing success for those who will succeed, and we hold them responsible for serious work to save what remains of Lebanon.

On the security front, a security breach was recorded in Akkar, as a citizen opened fire at an army checkpoint and wounded two soldiers, but the incident did not escalate the atmosphere. It witnessed individual problems among party supporters in more than one region, but it did not develop and did not have any repercussions on the conduct of the electoral process.

About 110,000 soldiers and security men participate in securing the ballot, divided between 70 and 80,000 members of the army, 20,000 members of the Internal Security Forces, and 10,000 members of the General Directorate of Public Security and the General Directorate of State Security, and the level of readiness is 100% for various sectors. Including static and animated army directorates.

The polling process opened at a worrying rate in the morning, as it did not exceed 2%, and then increased to reach 14.6% of the vote in Lebanon, and it was distributed according to the constituencies as follows:

– Beirut First: 9.78%

Beirut II: 12.80%

– Mount Lebanon First (Byblos – Kesrouan): 13.63%

– Mount Lebanon II (Matn): 18.28%

– Mount Lebanon Third (Baabda): 18.16%

– Fourth Mount Lebanon (Chouf, Aley): 18.02%

– South First (Sidon, Jezzine): 15.65%

– Second South (the villages of Sidon – Tyre): 13.13%

– Third South (Hasbaya, Marjayoun, Nabatiyeh, Bint Jbeil): 16.08%

– North First (Akkar): 10.04%

– Second North (Minya, Dennieh, Tripoli): 10.66%

– Third North (Zgharta, Bcharre, Koura, Batroun): 20.60%

– First Bekaa (Zahle): 12.57%

– Second Bekaa (Rashaya, West Bekaa): 12.70%

– Third Bekaa (Baalbek, Hermel): 15.88%

The polling process was delayed in the northern Matn, and the reason was forgetting the seals and red wax in the Ministry of the Interior, while the electricity was cut off in Baalbek, and a number of polling centers in Tripoli, which delayed the start of the voting process. Meanwhile, the electoral process stopped at one of the polling stations in Hrajel after the arrival of the ballot papers for Jbeil, instead of those for Kesrouan.

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