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The Al-Ahly club’s board of directors, headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, issued an official statement on Sunday evening to clarify the administration’s position on the African Champions League final (2022).

Al-Ahly club had announced in the last hours of Saturday evening, specifically after the team’s rise to the African Champions League final, to hold a session to discuss the file of the African Champions League final stadium.

This position comes after the statement of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), which was issued last Monday, to hold the final of the African Champions League competition in Morocco on the 30th of this month.

Al-Ahly club is trying to hold the final match on a neutral stadium, in light of the rise of the Moroccan Wydad Casablanca team to the final of the African Champions League after skipping the Petro Atletico match in the semi-finals.

Al-Ahly’s statement was as follows:

The club’s board of directors discussed, in its meeting today, headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, all matters related to the crisis of the Champions League final stadium and the administrative and legal steps that have been taken in this regard.

The council reviewed the report of the legal gentlemen specialized in sports issues who were hired from inside and outside the country. He also discussed the correspondences and statements issued by the Egyptian and African federations in the same regard, in light of the regulations governing African competitions and similar situations in the past.. After the consultations that took place in the presence of the Board of Directors of Al-Ahly Football Company, the club’s board of directors concluded the following decisions: –

1. The unequivocal affirmation of Al-Ahly club’s pride in its good relationship with all the clubs of the sisterly Kingdom of Morocco and its football-loving fans, which is not a party to the crisis, and that the position of the club currently raised belongs to the African Confederation only because of the lack of application of the principle of neutrality when making the decision to determine the stadium for the final match The Champions League, which was released late and was inconsistent with FIFA regulations and the Olympic Charter.

2. Playing the final match of the Champions League in any stadium within the African continent, based on the value and history of Al-Ahly club. Note that the club has not received any correspondence from “CAF” regarding it so far. Al-Ahly club adheres to its legitimate rights to demand the African Union to implement many of the controls for holding the match to ensure a minimum level of justice between the two competing teams, especially since this match serves as the main title for the largest and most important African competitions.

3. Emphasis on the fact that resorting to the International Sports Court in this crisis was an escalation of the club’s position on the negative aspects of African competitions, foremost of which is the lack of standards governing the organization process for a long time, before the club requested in its complaint an urgent decision on the crisis of the final stadium before the date and establishing justice by holding the match in a neutral stadium, or postponing the same match until the matter is decided in accordance with the regulations and imposes equality and achieves the principle of equal opportunities between the two competing teams.

4. Continuing the club’s lawsuit before the International Sports Court, regardless of the results of the next phase (positive or negative) in all respects, because Al-Ahly with its continental and global history, which is participating in the African Final for the 15th time, plays its role and responsibility towards its proud continent. He looks forward to supporting sports institutions at home and abroad to correct what is happening and provide a better performance for the African football system in terms of competitions and stadiums and to get rid of recurring crises. Especially since our continent has presented many of the most prominent football talents in the world and deserves much development at all administrative, organizational and technical levels.

5. Holding a global press conference after the final match, to reveal the scenes of the CAF decision, which is not consistent with the rules of fair play. And the response to all that was stated in the statements issued by all parties in this crisis.

6. Forming a crisis management committee headed by Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, and comprising Mr. Yassin Mansour, President of Al-Ahly Football Company, Captain/Hossam Ghaly, member of the club’s board of directors, Dr. Saad Shalaby, CEO of Al-Ahly, and Amr Shaheen/CEO of Al-Ahly Football Company, in addition to To the legal advisor to Al-Ahly Football Company.

7. Emphasis on the great confidence in Al-Ahly team and its entire system, including technical, administrative, medical staff and players, and their high capabilities and appreciation of the responsibility placed on them to challenge all circumstances and play anywhere inside or outside the African continent, and under any pressure and achieve the best results that befit Al-Ahly and its history and delight its fans. , which we trust with its unlimited support for its club and its sports teams in all situations.

8. Taking all administrative measures and addressing the International Federation regarding the summons that Al-Ahly professional players received yesterday to join their national teams, at a date that coincides with the start of the international agenda on May 30, 2022, and contradicts the date announced by “K” through its official accounts on social networking sites. To hold the final match of the Champions League, which is the same previous position that deprived Al-Ahly of its international players when they joined their national teams (Egypt – Tunisia – Morocco – Mali) to participate in the African Nations Championship in Cameroon, a date that coincided with the start of the World Club Championship in the Emirates, in which the club participated Al-Ahly represents the African continent.

In conclusion, the Council affirms that it is in an ongoing session.

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