Liverpool star, Egyptian international Mohamed Salah, was injured during his participation in the FA Cup final against Chelsea, which German coach Jurgen Klopp’s battalion defeated with penalties 6-5.

Liverpool is preparing to face its counterpart Real Madrid next March 28 in the capital, Paris, in the Champions League final, but Salah’s injury worries the Liverpool fans before the expected match, as it recalled the bad memory of Salah during the 2019 final against Real Madrid, in which the Egyptian pharaoh was injured after a strong intervention From Sergio Ramos, and this caused him to leave the field before his team lost the title.

Mohamed Salah started the final against Chelsea mainly, but he fell on the field in the 32nd minute, forcing Klopp to replace him with striker Diogo Gota. The Liverpool club did not officially reveal any details regarding the Egyptian player’s injury.

What is the injury of Mohamed Salah?

The Liverpool doctor examined the injured leg of Mohamed Salah for two minutes in the middle of Wembley Stadium, after which he decided not to complete the match, as he asked Klopp to replace him immediately, and the Egyptian international tried to persuade the doctor to complete the match, and this was rejected by Klopp and the Reds doctor.

Liverpool crowned the 2022 FA Cup

The doctor confirmed that Mohamed Salah had a thigh injury, which prevented him from continuing on the field, to come as a result of his replacement as a precautionary decision.

Will Salah miss the Champions League final?

It is very difficult to replace a player of the size of Mohamed Salah, in an important meeting with Real Madrid in the Champions League final, so his absence may come as a shock to the Reds fans in general and coach Jurgen Klopp in particular.

And according to the British newspaper, “Mirror”, the possibility of Salah’s participation with Liverpool in the final of the tournament will remain in doubt, as she said that the player was injured at the level of the adductor muscle in the thigh, explaining that recovery from this injury usually takes between 10 to 15 days, and therefore Salah may find Himself outside the highly anticipated final.

Commenting on Salah’s injury, former England midfielder Jermaine Jenas said in comments highlighted by the newspaper “Mirror”: “This is a major concern, Salah is not the type to be replaced easily.”

He finished his speech by saying: “He plays a lot of games, a lot of minutes, he’s had a long season, I know most of the Liverpool players did that but they participated in the Africa Cup of Nations.”

It is reported that Mohamed Salah was injured in the 2018/19 Champions League final against Real Madrid and did not complete the match, so it would be a great shock if he missed the next final against the Royal Club.

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp talks about Mohamed Salah injury

After the match, coach Jurgen Klopp spoke to reporters about Salah’s injury after the final against Chelsea, saying: “I think Mohamed Salah’s injury is a little worse than Van Dijk’s, I think he’s fine, and I hope he’s fine.”

Mohamed Salah reassures the Reds fans: He is ready for the final!

On the other hand, the English journalist “Carrie Brown” quoted Mohamed Salah’s response after the injury he sustained against Chelsea, through a tweet on her account via “Twitter”, in which he said: “Ready for the final, Mo? Yes, I’m fine.”

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