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5 states in southern Algeria are preparing to host the Solar 1000 project, which is a new start for solar photovoltaic projects in this region.

The Minister of Energy Transition and Renewable Energy, Ben Atou Ziyan, said that the start of work in the five states in southern Algeria – Laghouat, Ouargla, Nefert, El Wadi and Bashar – is a first stage, as part of a plan to achieve 15,000 megawatts.

The minister pointed out – during his visit to the state of Laghouat – that the project will extend at a later time to the rest of the state’s states, especially in the Greater South, explaining that there is a special importance for upgrading the local content within the 1000 MW Solar project.

First stage details

Bin Atou Zayan said that the project is currently related to 5 sites in the southern states, with an electrical capacity ranging from 50 to 300 megawatts, as part of an ambitious strategy, which is a top priority for the state.

Solar 1000
Minister of Energy Transition and Renewable Energy, Ben Atou Zayan, during his visit to the state of Laghouat – Photo from the ministry’s Facebook page (May 14, 2022)

He explained that this strategy is related to strengthening energy security, and taking care of the various fields leading to employment and generating wealth, and guarantor of the supply of energy necessary to improve citizens’ living conditions, and feeding the chains of activities and the production and industrial system, which requires raising the percentage of integrating local content.

He added that this activity comes about a month before the date of reviewing the offers submitted by investors, to complete the 1000 MW solar project, which is the first phase in the government’s work plan to implement the ambitious program of the President of the Republic, which pays special attention to energy transition and renewable energies, creating job opportunities, achieving prosperity and improving living conditions. Citizen.

5 thousand job opportunities

According to the Minister of Energy Transition and Renewable Energy, the Solar 1000 project provides about 5,000 direct jobs, in its first phase only, in addition to producing about 2,200 gigawatt-hours of electricity annually from renewable sources, providing more than 550 million cubic meters of gas annually. Naturally, saving $100 million annually.

Solar 1000
Minister of Energy Transition and Renewable Energy, Ben Atou Zayan, during his visit to the state of Laghouat – Photo from the ministry’s Facebook page (May 14, 2022)

He pointed out that the project places Algeria in an advanced global position in respect of international commitments to combat climate change, in addition to preserving the country’s financial and economic resources and capabilities, especially since the first project will allow to avoid about 1.3 million tons of carbon emissions annually, that is, from a financial point of view, it will achieve Gains of $70 million.

The project achieves the possibility of promoting sustainable economic development, development and diversification, to support the Algerian economy away from dependence on fossil fuels, through the exploitation and development of renewable energies, which requires coordination between all sectors, and plans to coordinate work between ministerial sectors.

Zayan considered that the Solar 1000 project is a strong step that embodies the successful energy transition, which has become necessary due to global changes, to achieve energy transformation according to internal conditions, and it also comes within the state’s efforts to support the activities of the resident national capital, explaining that the ministry has integrated local content standards in a notebook Conditions for investors’ request for proposals, to encourage the development of the local industry in the solar photovoltaic sector.

stimulating local manufacturing

The Minister of Energy Transition and Renewable Energies said that there is importance to encourage and motivate national manufacturers and craftsmen specialized in this field, to make their products and services in compliance with the applicable international technical and financial standards, to ensure the optimal operation of the solar power plant throughout the 25-year term of the electricity purchase and sale contract.

He explained that the trends in the field of upgrading the local content will also allow the development of a wide sector of services related to the construction and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants, such as studies, civil engineering and assembly by local labor, thus enhancing the content rate.

Solar 1000
Minister of Energy Transition and Renewable Energy, Ben Atou Zayan, during his visit to the state of Laghouat – Photo from the ministry’s Facebook page (May 14, 2022)

He added that the start of the 1000 MW Solar project was launched through the first invitation to investors to submit their offers, targeting 30% of required local content, as a first stage, and this will facilitate the launch and development of a specialized industrial division and its development, to raise the percentage of local content contribution later in the rest of the stages.

He pointed out that the ministry will encourage the investor whose work is compatible with the national goals, through contractual clauses, including the supply of local goods and services that fall within the scope of the construction, operation and maintenance of solar power plants, and ensuring the transfer of technologies, knowledge and expertise during all phases of the project, as well as integrating all training during the course of the project. Factory run.

Energy transition in Algeria

On the sidelines of his talk about the Solar 1000 project, Bin Atto said that the energy transition is a systemic transformation, so it needs several transformations, such as digital and industrial transformation, and the related economic and technological development, and the need to exploit resources and related challenges regarding minerals Basic, strategic, vital, critical and rare earth metals, as well as societal transformation.

According to the minister, all these profound changes constitute new trends that promote positive and responsible consumption patterns, and establish good practices in the lifestyle and social and economic well-being, to achieve a transition in line with the nature of the challenges of the future.

He continued, “We are facing an (energy transition) that relies more on energy efficiency and rationality, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and gradually replacing it with renewable energies.”

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