On Saturday, May 14, the Algerian Football Federation attacked its international counterpart, “FIFA” and the head of the referees committee at the latter, the Italian Pier Luigi Collina, against the background of not being satisfied with the response to the complaint submitted by the same body regarding the referee of the match between Algeria and Cameroon, Gambian Bakari Gassama, In the second leg of the qualifying round for the 2022 World Cup.

The Algerian team was excluded from qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar after losing at home on March 29, with a score of two goals (1-2), despite winning the first leg in Cameroon by a goal without a response (0-1), after the “Untamed Lions” team benefited from the base of Goals scored away from home.

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The Algerian Football Federation submitted a complaint to FIFA after the match against Gambian referee Bakary Gassama, accusing the latter of influencing the final result of the match and perpetrating an arbitration complaint against the Algerian team. Football in Zurich to protest against this and demand the fairness of her country’s team.

On Saturday, May 14, the Algerian Football Federation published a statement on its official website describing it as explanatory, explaining the steps it had taken to file Algeria’s complaint regarding referee Bakary Gassama, stressing that “the complaint was related to arbitration and technical errors, and it did not carry any evidence regarding any other accusation. “, in reference, according to the observers, to the parties that were talking about the possibility of a possible bribery.

The Algerian Football Association confirmed in its statement, “We regret that we did not receive any response from the head of the referees committee, Pier Luigi Collina, and the director of arbitration at “FIFA”, Massimo Busacca, regarding the points included in Algeria’s complaint” (the response came on May 6 last). The Algerian Federation refers here to the controversial arbitration cases in the Algeria-Cameroon match, including the first goal of the Cameroon team, Soleimani’s canceled goal for the Algerian team, and a penalty kick that was not awarded in favor of Soleimani as well.

After that, the statement continued: “After that, the Algerian federation considered it its duty to write to FIFA again to demand that it shed light again on what the (Algerian federation) considers questionable arbitration for the match referee (Bakary Gassama) and its impact on the final result of the match.”

The Algerian Federation left the impression that it is still insisting on obtaining a decisive and clear response from FIFA regarding its complaint, and said in this regard: “The Algerian Federation is waiting for a clear and objective answer regarding this complaint,” before denying accusing any particular party or employing it by name in the complaint submitted. To “FIFA”, in reference to the Cameroon Federation and its president, Samuel Eto’o.

The response of the FIFA Referees Committee put an end to the controversy accompanying the match between Algeria and Cameroon, and the public demands for a replay of the match, when he confirmed that the file of this match is closed, stressing that there was no effective arbitration error, but it seems that the issue is not over yet with the Algerian Football Association, which He insists on getting an honest answer to his complaint.

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