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The government of the state of New Delhi, the capital of India, decided to involve women in driving electric buses, in the first stages of its inclusion in the internal transport fleet, which it recently modernized.

The Indian capital has adopted its first batch of electric buses, comprising 150 units, in its inland transport fleet on Friday, The Economic Times-Energy World newspaper reported on Saturday, May 14, citing a statement from the Delhi Transport Administration Authority.

The New Delhi government has also identified 10 sites for various foreign companies to set up charging stations for cars and electric buses, and replace batteries, as part of the implementation of the “Delhi IfPolicy 2020” plan.

The Indian capital government has also approved the start-up of 75 electric buses along 11 domestic routes across 5 states.

heavy engines

The state government of New Delhi, the capital of India, has decided to motivate women to work in driving new electric buses, and other types, which belong to the category of heavy engines.

The state government will offer incentives to the women when they are trained, and will pay them a wage of 6,000 to 12,000 rupees per month ($77.4 to $154.8).

Drivers of electric buses and other types of buses will also obtain the “HMV” license, which is intended for heavy vehicles in India, according to a statement by the state’s Department of Transport.

The Board of Directors of the New Delhi State Transport Authority had previously set the conditions for women to obtain a bus driver’s license in general in its fleet, including that it be for a period of 3 years.

Charging stations tender

New Delhi - Electric buses
Low-floor electric buses in New Delhi, India – Image via Financial Express

The company “Delhi Transco Limited” in the state of New Delhi, India, chose 4 companies in a tender aimed at implementing a number of charging stations for electric cars, and replacing batteries in 10 locations.

The four companies are expected to sign a contract with the New Delhi State Transport Administration to start building electric charging and battery replacement stations at the 10 designated sites.

These include: Ambedkar Nagar Depot, Mayapuri Depot, Jal Vihar Terminal, Dilshad Garden Terminal, Karawal Nagar Terminal, Shadipur Deport, Pindpur Terminal, East Vendor Nagar, Panjabi Bagh, as well as Rohini Depot-1.

clean transportation

India plans to support its transformation towards clean transportation by adding 48,000 electric car charging stations within 4 years, bringing the total of these stations to 50,000 points spread across the country.

And the Indian rating agency “ICRA” expected, last month, to invest huge sums, to re-establish the infrastructure in line with the requirements of the new charging stations.

India currently has 2,000 electric charging stations, but they are concentrated in the country’s main cities.

Electric cars are part of the plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2070, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced at the previous COP26 climate summit.

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