Paris Saint-Germain player, Tunisian Mehdi Al-Qanuni, confirmed, in statements to “winwin”, that he intends to leave the reserve team in his club this summer, indicating that he hopes to continue to shine and improve before the beginning of his actual professional football career, and to move forward towards achieving his dream of representing the national team. Tunisian.

The contract of the 17-year-old Tunisian player with his current team, Paris Saint-Germain, expires on June 30, which means that Al-Qanouni can currently negotiate with any team to move to next summer without compensation, and without the need for the approval of the Paris team.

Spain’s Espanyol and Germany’s Eintracht Frankfurt are competing to recruit Tunisian talent, Mehdi El-Qenouuni, in the upcoming summer transfer market, according to a report published by the French website FootMercato on the night of Wednesday, May 11th.

Al-Qanuni commented on this news, saying: “Yes, I chose to leave the second team of Paris Saint-Germain at the end of the season. I lived very good periods, and I developed a lot here, and in the summer I will make my decision to leave the team officially, a decision that has been planned for some time, due to marginalization Coach (Camara) is me, despite my 10 good matches in all competitions and everyone’s praise for my technical and physical abilities and my talent in general.”

And the Tunisian player continued, in his statements to “winwin”: “I am thinking of changing the atmosphere at the end of the season, playing with another team, and looking for a new challenge in my football career.”

Paris Saint-Germain's second-team attacking midfielder Mehdi Al-Qanuni

And about the destination he is considering moving to, the talented player explained that he has not decided it yet; But he stressed that it will be one of the teams that are active in the top leagues in Europe, particularly in Spain or Germany (the leagues closest to moving to), stressing that he cannot reveal the identity of the teams that want to sign him because of his current association with Paris Saint-Germain.

Mehdi Qnouni dreams of playing with Tunisia

About representing the Tunisian national team, Al-Qenouni said: “I would be pleased to receive an invitation from the Tunisian Football Association to represent my country in all the young Sunni groups, and to play alongside distinguished names that I consider role models such as Naim Al-Saliti and Issa Al-Aidouni. I will never say “no” to Tunisia. “.

He added, “The Tunisian Football Association contacted me once, and it was through sporting director Salim Ben Othman two months ago, and I am waiting with great eagerness to defend the Tunisian colors for the first time in my career.”

The attacking midfielder plays for the under-19 team of the Parisian club, and was among the most prominent names nominated to join the first team last year; But the injury he suffered affected his career, and it was expected that Al-Qenouni would be with the first team from next season in the French League, similar to what happened with his compatriot Ismail Gharbi last summer.

Regarding his relationship with his compatriot and teammate Ismail Al-Gharbi, Al-Qanuni ended his statements via winwin, saying: “Ismail is a childhood friend, we both have played in the Paris Saint-Germain academy for 5 or 6 years. He intends to represent him in the near future.”

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