MBZ is the new UAE engineer

Over the past decade the United Arab Emirates has been the main headline in the Middle East; Abu Dhabi has emerged as a soft regional and international power capable of influencing the world at all levels.

today; We are on the cusp of a new, more advanced and developed stage in the Emirates under the leadership of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, who is considered the architect of the last decade in the country when he was crown prince; While today it will be in the forefront and a new philosophy of governance.

During the past years, Mohammed bin Zayed (MBZ) was the most popular name in international forums, in addition to that, the UAE was strongly present in those forums because of its weight and influence in regional and international politics.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed began receiving blessings and congratulations from world leaders for his presidency of the UAE after the departure of his brother Sheikh Khalifa. For the Emirates to begin a new stage of governance and a new path in the political, economic, social and military construction.

Analysts believe that the political power that Mohammed bin Zayed created for the UAE will be more dynamic today in light of international and regional conflicts and turmoil. Considering that the UAE, which advanced to the first row in the regional and international leadership system, was present at all stages; Today, it will be more effective in regional and international files.

On the military level, this matter will be a priority for the Bin Zayed stage, given the global conditions in general and the conditions of the region. Second, this will not be difficult for the new leader with a military background that enabled him over the past years when he was the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi to deal with the escalating conflicts in the region He graduated in 1979 from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the United Kingdom, and dealt during the last stage with all prudence and professionalism at the height of the regional threats from the terrorist Houthi groups and the overreaching of Iranian influence targeting the countries of the region, as the UAE dealt with these risks with intelligence and wisdom to prevent all the greedy people from obtaining on their targets, especially Iran and its proxies.

The experience and military academic knowledge that bin Zayed enjoys gave him wisdom and strength in facing the challenges that afflict the region and the world. Over the past years, the path will be more solid and sedate during the era of Mohammed bin Zayed.

politically; Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed managed to create a soft power in the region, and even European countries have become aware of the strength and importance of the UAE, and perhaps the engineer and maker of this force is MBZ, who has become an important figure in the formulation of international relations.

This applies to the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which are now more stable. The efforts of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, along with those of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, contributed to the re-flow of Gulf interests among them to fortify the region from any attempts to destabilize security and stability.

Mohammed bin Zayed has diverse political, military and development capabilities, and this comes by holding a number of political, legislative and economic positions for the state. He is known for making a lot of efforts to enhance educational standards in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to bring them to the best and most prestigious international standards and standards. Since assuming the presidency of the Abu Dhabi Education Council, he has worked tirelessly to establish partnerships with globally prestigious educational institutions and intellectual centers, a number of which were announced in Abu Dhabi or joined in strategic joint projects with academic institutions located in Abu Dhabi, as education was at the top of his priorities because he realized that The key to the economic future and the language of the new world.

The Emirates today is facing a new stage under the leadership of Mohammed bin Zayed, who will certainly begin his rule with the development of the country from within. Because of the importance that his people attach to, and in the second place, the development of the methods, work and impact of UAE policy on the international and regional stage, as well as focusing on the economic dimension, and therefore we are facing simultaneous paths that take the UAE to more advanced levels due to soft power.

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