Liverpool won the FA Cup after winning the penalty shootout 6-5 over Chelsea after the end of the original and extra time with a 0-0 draw, in the match that took place between them on Saturday 14 May at Wembley Stadium.

The match witnessed the achievement of Chelsea defender, Brazilian Thiago Silva, a remarkable number in the history of the final matches of the tournament; He became the second oldest player to play the FA Cup final at the age of 37 years and 234 days, after Blackpool’s Stanley Matthews, who participated in the 1953 final at the age of 38, according to Opta network statistics.

Mohamed Salah and Italian Carlo Ancelotti

Liverpool took the initiative to attack from the first minutes of the match, while the Chelsea players were late in the match until the middle of the first half, and they were the best party in the minutes that followed the exit of the Egyptian Mohamed Salah due to injury in the 33rd minute, to be replaced by Portuguese Diogo Jota.

Chelsea tried to surprise the Reds in the first minutes of the second half, and Liverpool goalkeeper, Brazilian Alison Becker, saved a shot from American Christian Pulisic in the 47th minute. Liverpool regained control in the following minutes, but the brilliance of Chelsea goalkeeper, Senegalese Edward Mendy, prevented Liverpool from scoring the goal. the first.

The respondent secured two consecutive chances for the Reds; As the right post blocked a shot from Colombian striker Luis Diaz in the 81st minute (he left in the 98th minute), and less than two minutes later, the left post blocked another ball from the Liverpool left back, Andrew Robertson (he left in the 110th minute), so the original time ended in a goalless draw and extended The match is for two overtimes.

This is the first FA Cup final match to go into extra time after a 0-0 draw since the 2007 final between Chelsea and Manchester United, which former Ivorian star Didier Drogba decided for the Blues by scoring a goal in the 116th minute, according to the Opta network, which specializes in football statistics. foot.

Liverpool made another change by removing Dutchman Virgil van Dijk, also due to injury, in the first minute of the first extra period, to be replaced by Cameroonian Joel Matip. The extra time for the match did not witness anything new, so the two teams resorted to penalty kicks, which smiled at the Reds.

Video.. Liverpool win 6-5 on penalties against Chelsea after a 0-0 draw

The match witnessed the participation of Moroccan star Hakim Ziyech in the 85th minute at the expense of the Belgian Romelu Lukaku, and scored the sixth penalty kick for Chelsea in the match with success, before his English teammate Mason Mount missed the seventh kick for the Blues, and opened the way for Liverpool to win the title.

Egyptian Mohamed Salah leaves the Chelsea-Liverpool match due to injury

The Egyptian star Mohamed Salah left the top match between Chelsea and Liverpool in the FA Cup final, due to an injury in the 33rd minute, to leave his place to his Portuguese colleague Diogo Jota, two weeks before facing Real Madrid in the Champions League final on Saturday (May 28).

The result indicated a negative tie between the two teams when the Egyptian star was injured in the 31st minute, and the medical team entered the field to treat him, so the match stopped for two minutes, before the Egyptian star left his place for his Portuguese colleague.

A special shot of Egyptian Mohamed Salah in the first minutes of the FA Cup final between Chelsea and Liverpool

The first minutes of the match witnessed a special shot from the Egyptian pharaoh, who fired a powerful shot that hit Chelsea player, Italian Jorginho, who fell on the field affected by the force of the shot in the fifth minute of the match.

The Egyptian star was quick to check on the health of the Blues player, who was able to rise later and complete the match, before the injury stormed Salah and forced him to leave the field, awaiting developments regarding the injury he suffered.

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