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Algerian Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, said that negotiations between his country and Nigeria – regarding the completion of the Nigerian-Algerian gas pipeline deal, destined for Europe – will start soon, promising “good news”.

The Algerian minister refuted – in exclusive statements to “Energy”, during his visit to the state of Laghouat, south of the capital – all the rumors that accompanied the project since its announcement and during the last period, especially after the entry of other parties seeking to compete with Algeria in this project.

Arkab added that negotiations on the Nigerian-Algerian gas pipeline are continuing with the Nigerian side, as a high-ranking Algerian delegation will visit the capital Abuja in the coming days, especially that the pace of coordination and negotiations is going well, adding: “The news will be good.”

gas pipeline project

During the past period, the Nigerian-Algerian gas pipeline, which is called the “Trans-Saharan Pipe”, is back in the spotlight again.

Nigerian gas pipeline

Nigeria is seeking to take advantage of Algeria’s potential from the transportation network, which connects the oil fields in the south of the country to customers in the European continent, Spain and Italy, through pipelines that pass under the Mediterranean.

On May 8, Nigerian Energy Minister Timbri Silva announced, during a press conference in Abuja, that his country had begun laying the Nigerian-Algerian Trans-Saharan gas pipeline, with the aim of delivering gas to Europe.

In a report, Algiers International TV quoted Silva as saying that the economic feasibility and financial returns of the pipeline that will carry Nigerian gas through Algeria to Europe are much higher than the parallel project proposed by Morocco, and these statements were made by the channel, although they were not included in the video. the post.

Historic Project

Talk about the Nigerian-Algerian gas pipeline began more than 20 years ago, when the Algerian company “Sonatrach” signed the first memorandum of understanding to implement the project with the Nigerian State Oil Company in 2002, to extend the pipeline from southern Nigeria, through Niger to Algeria.

The initial cost of the project was then estimated at about $13 billion, with the aim of transporting up to 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually from Nigeria to Europe via Algeria and Niger.

The trans-Saharan pipeline extends from the territory of Nigeria, specifically from the gas fields in the Niger Delta in the south of the country, at a distance of 1,040 km to the Niger border in the north, before crossing the territory of Niger at a distance of 841 km, to reach the Algerian border in the state of Tamanrasset in the far south of the country.

The Nigerian-Algerian gas pipeline is making its way over a distance of 2,300 km, to the north of the country, and then to Algeria’s customers in southern Europe to Italy via the “Transmed” pipeline, and the Medgas pipeline to Spain.

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