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  • The New Delhi government is stepping up efforts towards doubling solar power generation by the end of next year.
  • Installing solar panels on rooftops has not caught the public’s attention.
  • Delhi currently produces only 230 megawatts of solar energy.

The New Delhi government in India is expected to require all government buildings in the capital to install rooftop solar panels, as it ramps up efforts towards doubling solar power generation by the end of next year.

On Thursday, May 12, the Dialogue and Development Authority (DDC) began the consultative process for the upcoming Delhi Solar Policy, the English-language Indian daily Economic Times reported.

Officials reported that despite ambitious targets set at the national level and by local government and incentives for individuals; The installation of solar panels on roofs did not get people’s attention.

solar energy in india
Solar panels installation work on top of a building in India

Solar energy in New Delhi

Delhi currently produces only 230 MW of solar energy against the target of more than 2,700 MW set under the National Solar Mission in June 2015.

In turn, the Electricity Department has set a new target of generating 500 megawatts of solar energy by the end of 2023, according to a senior official. The sources said the plan aims to get at least 25% of the total electricity produced in Delhi from solar panels.

A senior government official noted that this is only possible when covering as many government buildings as possible with renewable energy panels.

He added that the new scheme could require all departments of the Delhi government to install solar panels.

The Departments of Education, Revenue, Electricity, Health, Municipal Corporations, Delhi Jal Water Supply Board, and Department of Public Works are among the government agencies with maximum number of buildings and open spaces; Where solar panels can be installed.

According to officials, there are currently about 100 public schools in Delhi that have solar panels.

The North Delhi Department earlier identified about 200 school buildings, later increasing the number to 1,000; Where it intends to install solar panels.

solar energy in india
Solar panels on the tallest building in India

Multiple benefits

The electricity generated by the solar panels not only meets the electricity requirements of the building, the excess electricity flows into the grid through the net electricity generation metering system and the owner department makes money from it.

While private companies dealing in solar panels only offered to install them; The responsibility for its maintenance rests with the department that owns the building.

A government official said this was a major challenge, while another Delhi government official indicated that all these challenges would be considered and resolved in the Delhi state solar plan.

He added that the consultative process conducted by the Dialogue and Development Authority aims for all stakeholders to discuss issues on an open platform.

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