Al-Ahly Club of Egypt is one of the oldest clubs in the Arab world and the continent of Africa, as it used to climb the Arab, African and international podiums as well.

In any tournament in which the red genie participates, he becomes one of the most prominent candidates to win it, whether the Egyptian League, the Egypt Cup, the African Champions League, and other tournaments.

In the following report from winwin, we will review the number of championships that the Egyptian Al-Ahly Club has won throughout its history, since its founding in 1907 until now.

How many Al-Ahly championships in the Egyptian League?

The number of official titles achieved by Al-Ahly club in all tournaments reached 114 titles, including 42 titles in the Egyptian League, the first in the 1949/1948 season and the last in the 2018/2019 season.

Al-Ahly coach Pitso Mosimane

Al-Ahly won the Egyptian League title 8 times in the last 10 seasons, while Zamalek managed in the 2014-2015 season and last season 2021/2020 to break this absolute dominance.

Al-Ahly also won several titles in championships that were stopped; Such as the Cairo region league, which he won 15 times from 1924 to 1958, and the title of the United Arab Republic (the Federation of Egypt and Syria), which Al-Ahly won once in 1961.

How many Al-Ahly championships in the African Champions League and Confederation Cup?

Al-Ahly club has won the African Champions League 10 times, the most winning team, and won the last two editions of the tournament under the leadership of its South African coach, Pitso Mosimane, who took over as coach of the team two years ago.

In 2020, Al-Ahly succeeded in crowning the African Champions League title at the expense of Zamalek after winning (2-1), to raise the cup for the ninth time in its history, and in 2021 he was able to crown the championship after winning the final against the South African Kaizer Chiefs with a score ( 3-0).

Al-Ahly is approaching this year 2022 to qualify for the final of the current version of the African Champions League, after its victory over Algeria’s ES Setif (4-0) in the first leg of the semi-finals of the tournament, to continue to compete for the third title for the third consecutive season, with the aim of crowning the championship for the time. The 11th in its history.

Al-Ahly was crowned the Confederation of African Football Championship once, which was in 2014, at the expense of the Ivorian Sioi Sport, when Al-Ahly lost 1-2 in the first leg, before winning the second leg 1-0, to win the title with the advantage of goals scored outside the home.

How many Al-Ahly championships in the Egyptian Cup and the Egyptian Super?

The Egyptian Al-Ahly club has won the Egyptian Cup 37 times, the most winning team in the championship, while it has been runner-up 15 times.

The Red Team won the Egyptian Super Cup 11 times in its history, and is the most crowned team in this tournament throughout its history.

How many Al-Ahly championships in the African Super Cup?

The Red Genie succeeded in winning the African Super Cup 8 times in its history, while it was runner-up twice during its participation in the tournament, topping the list of the most crowned clubs in the tournament.

The official titles of Al-Ahly of Egypt

ChampionshipHero runner-up
Egyptian League4212
Egypt cup3715th
Egyptian Super113
African Champions League104
African Cup Winners’ Cup40
Confederation Cup10
african super82
Afro-Asian Cup10
The number of official Al-Ahly championships11436

How many friendly Al-Ahly tournaments?

In addition to the previous tournaments, Al-Ahly of Egypt has achieved a number of friendly tournaments that do not receive official recognition, some of which have already been canceled, and some that still exist today. The number of unofficial titles won by the Red Genie reached 19, bringing his total to 133.

How many Egyptian Al-Ahly championships?

The number of Al-Ahly club championships has historically reached 133 titles (between official and unofficial titles), to be on the list of the most crowned local and African titles.

The Egyptian Al-Ahly titles are complete throughout its history

ChampionshipHero runner-up
Egyptian League4212
Egypt cup3715th
African Champions League104
African Cup Winners’ Cup4
Confederation Cup1
african super82
Arab Champions League11
Arab Cup Winners Cup1
Afro-Asian Cup1
Sultan Hussein Cup74
Cairo League15th
Egyptian Federation Cup10
United Arab Republic Cup10
Egyptian Federation Cup Refresher10
Arab Super Cup20
Arab Cup for Champions Clubs10
The number of Al-Ahly championships 13338

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