The Sudanese sports street lives on the impact of the derby match that brings together Al-Marikh and its rival Al-Hilal, on Saturday 14 May, at the conclusion of the first section of the Sudanese Premier League competition.

The match will be held for the first time away from the capital, Khartoum, after the Football Association chose Shikan Stadium in El Obeid to host the 379th match in various official and friendly competitions.

The poles’ confrontations began in 1934, and Al-Marikh won 156 games, while Al-Hilal won 123 games and the tie dominated 99 games.

Al-Merreikh beat Al-Hilal in the historic derby

Al-Marikh won the historic derby in 1934 with two goals against a goal, so that the Red Club excelled in the confrontations during the era of the thirties of the last century, which witnessed “13” confrontations, four of which were won by Al-Marikh against two victories for its rival Al-Hilal. The tie dominated 7 confrontations, and Al-Marikh scored 18 goals against 14 for the crescent.

During the 1940s, Al-Merrikh and Al-Hilal met in 48 matches, Al-Marikh won 22 of them and Al-Hilal in 12, and 14 matches ended in a draw. Al-Merrikh scored 88 goals against Al-Hilal, compared to 64 for its rival.

Part of a previous match between Al Hilal and Al Marreikh in the Sudanese League

The poles of the summit faced in the fifties of the last century in 76 matches, Al-Merrikh won in 37 and Al-Hilal in 30, and 9 matches ended with a tie. Al-Merrikh scored 122 goals and Al-Hilal 118 goals.

The sixties witnessed the largest number of derby confrontations, after 50 matches were held. Al-Marikh won 21 of them, Al-Hilal won in 17, and 12 games ended in a draw. Al-Marikh scored 61 goals and 54 for Al-Hilal.

During the seventies, Al-Merrikh and Al-Hilal met 37 times. Al-Marikh won 16 matches against 12 for Al-Hilal. The tie dominated 9 matches, and Al-Marikh scored 43 goals against 35 for Al-Hilal.

Al-Merrikh and Al-Hilal met in 29 matches during the eighties. Al-Merrikh won 12 matches, Al-Hilal won in 8, and 9 matches ended in a draw. Al-Merrikh scored 25 goals against Al-Hilal, while Al-Hilal’s attack scored 17 goals against its opponent.

The 1990s witnessed 48 confrontations. Al-Marikh won 15 matches, Al-Hilal won 17, 16 matches ended in a draw. Al-Marikh’s attack scored 33 goals against 34 for Al-Hilal.

In the new millennium, Al-Merrikh and Al-Hilal met in 77 matches, Al-Merrikh won in 29 of them, Al-Hilal won in 25 and tied 23 matches. Al-Marikh’s attack scored 71 goals against 69 by Al-Hilal.

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