Aleksander Ceferin, President of the European Football Association “UEFA”, confirmed on Friday, May 13, that the new format of the Champions League is “the last nail in the coffin of the Super League (the European Super League championship that some clubs sought to launch last year), noting He pointed out that the greatest achievement he achieved in his state was to prevent the establishment of this alternative tournament.

Ceferin’s statements came after the recent period witnessed sharp criticism of the clubs that adhered to the Super League project (Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus), and the position of these clubs was not clear after the new amendments announced by “UEFA” in the Champions League system.

“The most important thing that could have been achieved was to be able to prevent this crazy idea called the Super League within two or three days. This idea was to destroy football completely,” Ceferin said in an interview with the Slovenian public agency (STA) on Friday (May 13). .

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The 54-year-old president of the European Union is confident in his ability to win another term in April 2023, and affirmed his determination to continue to promote the values ​​of solidarity, integration and openness in football, and to combat discrimination.

Ceferin explained that the amendment approved by the Federation, during its last meeting in Vienna, to the format of the “Champions League” championship, represents the end point of the Super League project, saying: “Changing the shape of the Champions League was the last nail in the coffin of the Super League. The coffin was prepared before It’s been a long time, but we had to shut it down completely.”

And the Slovenian added: “The big teams will play more matches against each other, but they will also play against mediocre teams. Those mediocre teams will play with other teams in their category, and they will have the opportunity to continue progressing towards the playoffs.”

Ceferin confirms that the new Champions League system will eliminate the Super League project

What is the new European Champions League system?

The new Champions League system provides for an increase in the number of teams participating in the tournament to 36 clubs instead of 32 in the current system, and all these clubs will be in one group rather than divided into separate groups.

Each team will play 8 matches to be decided by lottery against different opponents; 4 of these matches are at home and in the midst of its fans, and 4 are outside its home bases, and these matches will be played over a period of 10 weeks.

After the end of the first round in the new European Champions League system, the first 8 clubs in the standings table will guarantee advancement to the round of 16, while the clubs that finish from 9 to 24 will play a qualifying round for the eighth final, with a knockout system of two home and away matches, and the confrontations will be determined By lottery, then the tournament will continue in the current manner until the final round.

The losing teams from the play-off qualifying for the round of 16 continental competitions will be deposited completely in the new European Champions League system, and will not transfer to the European League, as is the case in the current system.

It is worth noting that the final of the current edition of the European Champions League will be held on Saturday (May 28) in the French capital, Paris, between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

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