Algerian international Riyad Mahrez, the English star of Manchester City, is in a complicated situation in the English Premier League in terms of participating regularly in matches, after he was content once again to play as a substitute against Wolverhampton last Wednesday, in a postponed meeting from the 33rd stage of the “Premier League” and ended with City’s victory With a score (1 to 5).

Mahrez entered a substitute in the 77th minute of the match, which is the sixth time in the last seven matches of the English Premier League, in which he does not participate mainly, unlike what was the case in the Champions League, for example, which raises more than one question mark, according to the followers, Regarding Guardiola’s treatment of him in this competition.

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Mahrez had only participated in 137 minutes out of 630 possible minutes in the last seven matches of the English Premier League, against Burnley, Liverpool, Brighton, Watford, Leeds, Newcastle and Wolverhampton, where he watched 3 matches, including from the bench (Burnley, Leeds and Newcastle) and participated mainly Only once in front of Brighton.

Mahrez managed to shine during the only match he participated in, and that was against Brighton, after he led Manchester City to a 3-0 win in the 30th stage of the English Premier League, when he scored a goal and made another, which confirms again, according to analysts. His high technical capabilities and distinction, stressing that the decision to remove him from the starting lineup is not related to quality, but to Pep Guardiola’s philosophy.

The most prominent goals of Mahrez this season so far

In total, the Algerian star did not have the opportunity to play much in the English Premier League this season, as he only participated in 26 matches out of 36 so far, including 13 times as a starter and 13 times as a substitute, while he remained a substitute in 8 matches and missed two matches, and reached Mahrez played an average of 1,345 minutes out of 2,340 possible minutes (26 matches in which he participated), and out of 3,240 available minutes (36 matches so far).

Despite the lack of basic Mahrez participation in the Premier League this season, which did not exceed 36 percent, he scored 11 goals and provided 5 assists.

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