The two wives of the English international players, former Wayne Rooney and current Jimmy Vardy, Colin and Rebecca, respectively, appeared before the English judiciary, last Wednesday, on charges related to defamation and leaking news to the English media, including one linked to the Algerian star Riyad Mahrez, when he was playing with his former team. Leicester City.

Wayne Rooney’s wife (Colin) sued Jamie Vardy’s wife (Rebecca), accusing her of leaking secrets about her to the media in 2019, as well as other accusations of leaking information related to Premier League stars to tabloids in England.

Algerian international and Manchester City star, Riyad Mahrez, one winwin

And the English media widely reported the part about Mahrez, including the newspaper “Daily Mail”, and Colin Vardy was accused of leaking news about the strike of the Algerian national team captain and his boycott of the training of his former team, Leicester City, after the failure of his transfer to his current club, Manchester City, in the winter of 2018.

At that time, Mahrez had already entered into a direct clash with the Leicester City administration, after it refused to sell him to Manchester City during the winter transfer period, and the two parties entered into a conflict that ended with the sale of the Algerian international during the summer Mercato period of the same year.

And the merits of the case stated that Rebecca Vardy’s agent suggested that she leak the story of Mahrez’s boycott of training and the anger of his teammates with this move, to the media, and the court listened to the text of the conversation they gathered and stated: “Mahrez did not attend training again and the players are angry.” Her agent replied, “Why don’t you tell Sky Reporter Rob Dorset…?”

Daily Mail confirms legal dispute between Ronnie and Vardy’s wives

Rooney’s wife’s lawyer in this trial cited the reporter Rob Dorset’s tweet during that period, to confirm these allegations, and said in that tweet: “I was told that Mahrez did not come to training this morning, and this is the second time,” adding: “For this, he technically violates Contract and controls, our sources say he is frustrated after his transfer to Manchester City failed.”

Vardy’s wife, who formed a golden duo with Mahrez in Leicester City, denied the accusations, and said: “This is not true at all, it was just gossip, I never discussed with my husband (Jimmy Vardy) whether the players were angry at Mahrez’s absence or No,” she added, “It was just speculation about a few bits of information that we heard and saw in the papers during that time.”

It is worth noting that the Mahrez and Leicester City disputes ended in the summer of 2018 with a historic transfer of the Algerian international to Manchester City, in exchange for an estimated amount of 68 million euros and a 5-year contract.

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