Manchester City’s English star, Algerian international Riyad Mahrez, is going through a sensitive period in his football career, according to followers, given his current position in the heavenly club due to one year remaining in the contract linking him to City, and the club’s management not making an official offer to extend the contract, at a time when many have reached Among the offers by many European clubs, according to many media sources in the old continent.

And if the captain of the Algerian national team has not officially decided on his future with the Stevens, many analysts believe that his departure from the club may be the most prominent decision he will take since the beginning of his football career, and in this report “winwin” reviews four reasons that may make Mahrez’s departure from City The perfect decision for him.

1 He is underappreciated by Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola

Many analysts and fans, and even the English media, agree that Mahrez is not appreciated enough by Spanish coach Pep Guardiola, although he is the club’s top scorer this season despite his lack of participation compared to his other colleagues, and they infer to support this position by indicating that Mahrez is always He is not the victim of Guardiola’s tantrums every time, as happened in the Champions League semi-final first leg match against Real Madrid at the Etihad Stadium (4-3).

Guardiola always makes strong public remarks to Mahrez during matches, unlike what he does with other players, according to followers, at a time when he praises him during his media statements, which they described as a lack of appreciation for Mahrez, because the difference between the Spanish coach’s statements and reality.

2 Getting rid of the destructive recycling philosophy of Pep Guardiola in Manchester City

The English media have repeatedly criticized the Spanish coach’s philosophy of rotating, noting that Mahrez is the most prominent victim of Guardiola in this field, with evidence that he does not participate regularly in all competitions, and specifically the English Premier League, out of a total of 45 matches he played this season in various In competitions, the Algerian international was replaced in 18 matches, while he remained on the bench in 9 matches.

Algerian international and Manchester City star, Riyad Mahrez, one winwin

Despite the fluctuating participation of Mahrez according to Guardiola’s philosophy, according to the observers, the Algerian star succeeded in being the club’s top scorer since the beginning of the season, by scoring 24 goals and providing 9 assists. Analysts confirm that the captain of the Algerian national team would have scored better numbers if he had had more minutes to play.

3 Riyad Mahrez demands leadership roles as he was at Leicester City

Many observers expect that Mahrez will succeed in playing leadership and leadership roles with any new team that he may move to next summer, similar to the ones he played when Leicester City led his former team to crowning the Premier League title in 2016, and in contrast to what happens to him with Germany. City, in light of Guardiola’s lack of acceptance, according to the followers, of the first star in a way that goes beyond his personal impact on the team.

The Italian clubs, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, and Chelsea, have recently revealed their desire to include the international criminal, according to various media sources. There, Mahrez, according to analysts, can play technical leadership roles with distinction, given the current situation of these clubs.

4 Mahrez is required to obtain a good contract as the end of his career approaches

The Algerian international business agent is looking for the best possible contract, given that one year remains in the current contract linking Mahrez to Manchester City (ending June 2023), and his reaching the 31-year threshold.

Riyad Mahrez is wanted in more than one major European club

Players often find it difficult to sign long-term contracts after exceeding the thirty-year barrier, which makes the “greens” player required to search for his interest and obtain a good contract, before the end of his career.

Many analysts confirm that Mahrez will not get a relatively long-term contract if he decides to stay in Manchester City, and he must think of a new destination, because he will negotiate in this case from a position of strength, as long as it will be what is required.

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