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  • Exploitation of energy produced in the generation of green ammonia
  • Colombia’s first wind farm to start operation in 2026
  • Offshore wind energy attracts $27 billion in investment to Colombia
  • Colombia aims to generate 1 GW of offshore wind power by 2030

Offshore wind energy projects in Colombia are witnessing an expected recovery, with the start of construction of two wind farms with a production capacity of 550 megawatts, and an investment cost of two billion dollars.

Denmark-based Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and the electricity company in Barranquilla – a city in Colombia – “APPAQ” signed a preliminary agreement last March, to build an offshore wind farm with a production capacity of 350 megawatts.

The plant, with an investment cost of $1 billion, is expected to be operational in 2026.

green ammonia production

The project design phase has begun, and will last for approximately two years, and will include permit collection, infrastructure design and a feasibility study for connection to the national grid.

Monomeros Fertilizer Company, the Colombian arm of Venezuela’s state-owned Pequevin, has signed another preliminary agreement with the Barranquilla Electricity Company, to get electricity produced from the planned plant.

The company will use the energy produced from the wind plant to generate green ammonia, to ensure the provision of nitrogen fertilizers, to the Colombian agricultural sector, and reduce dependence on imported gray ammonia produced using natural gas.

offshore wind energy

Spain’s Blue Float Energy plans to develop a 200-megawatt wind farm off the coast of Galerrazamba in Bolivar province.

The company’s CEO, Carlos Martin, said that the Ventos Alisius plant will include 35 wind turbines, and he expected the plant, which has an investment cost of one billion dollars, to start operating in 2027.

“The electricity generated from this plant will be marketed to the national grid in Colombia to meet local demand, and we plan to sell the power to the private sector at a later time,” he added.

Offshore wind road map

On May 3, the government of Colombia officially launched the country’s offshore wind roadmap, which states that the South American country has the capacity to install approximately 50 GW of offshore wind capacity, of which about 27 GW is in shallow waters. While it requires 21 GW of floating infrastructure.

The roadmap shows that, in a best-case scenario, Colombia could generate 1 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030, 3 GW by 2040, and 9 GW by 2050, if offshore wind projects are developed on a commercial scale.

offshore wind energy

The worst-case scenario assumes that the country’s offshore wind farms could generate 200 MW by 2030, rise to 500 MW by 2040, and then generate 1.5 GW of offshore wind by 2050, on a cumulative basis, according to Argos Media.

To achieve its ambitious plans, Colombia needs to expand transmission capacity in the country, and one of the biggest challenges to deploying offshore wind in the country on a commercial scale is the limited availability of high voltage transmission capacity near the most important wind resource areas, the northernmost provinces of La Guajira and Magdalena.

Colombia has 11 GW of renewable energy projects waiting to be connected to the electric grid.

billion investments

Minister of Mining and Energy Diego Mesa said offshore wind could attract more than $27 billion in new investment to Colombia and could create 26,000 jobs by 2050.

The country’s Ministry of Energy will not grant any additional incentives for offshore wind projects, other than those prescribed for renewable energy projects.

The inclusion of offshore wind energy in the electricity generation mix helps Colombia move towards achieving carbon neutrality, as each megawatt of offshore wind energy contributes to a reduction of 190 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions.

Colombia aims to achieve 51% carbon neutrality in 2030, and to achieve full carbon neutrality in the country by 2050.

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