Football fans in the Gaza Strip in Palestine, led by the fans of Ittihad Al-Shujaia Club, were keen to chant the name of Sherine Abu Aqleh, Al Jazeera news reporter, who was martyred in Jenin, at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces, on Wednesday morning, May 12th.

Several Palestinian websites and accounts on social media published various clips while the Palestinian masses carried pictures of the martyr Sherine Abu Aqleh, in addition to chanting her name during separate minutes of the local league confrontations.

Egyptian squash champion Ali Farag (Getty)

The fans of the Shejaia Union and the youth of Rafah chanted the name of Sherine Abu Aqleh, describing her as a “martyr of the truth” and “the knight of the media who defended the rights of Palestine for many years”, on the sidelines of the summit that brought the two teams together in the Gaza League and ended with a 0-0 draw.

Al-Shuja’iya players carried a banner that read: “With sad hearts, Ittihad Al-Shujaiya mourns the knight of the media and icon of the national press, the martyr Sherine Abu Aqleh, who was shot dead by the occupation soldiers while carrying out her journalistic duty to document the horrific crimes against our people.”

The martyrdom of Sherine Abu Aqleh

On Wednesday morning, the world woke up to the tragedy of the martyrdom of Al-Jazeera news reporter Shireen Abu Aqleh, after she was assassinated by the Israeli occupation forces, while she was covering the political developments and events taking place in Jenin camp in the West Bank.

The media team of Al-Jazeera news channels was subjected to intense shooting while covering the events of Jenin, which led to the injury of Al-Jazeera producer Ali Al-Samudi with a bullet in the back, before Abu Aqila received a bullet in the head that she wanted as a martyr on the spot.

Palestinian sports keep pace with political developments

Palestinian sport, with its various clubs, fans and players, is keen to keep pace with the latest political developments and to show solidarity in the face of all Israeli crimes, especially since many athletes have fallen as martyrs as a result of Israeli bullets over the past decades.

The Israeli forces have previously targeted Palestinian stadiums in the Gaza Strip, bombed club headquarters, assassinated many football stars and other sports, arrested others, and denied Palestinian teams participation in Arab, regional and international foreign tournaments.

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