"Slander" occupy the official in the empty!

One of the former officials in Al-Baha region said that he received a citizen complaining about a member of his village, ate his offering, wrote the usual guidance on him, and referred him to the competent authorities to verify the validity of the complaint, and soon after, the complainant returned to present a second offer, and it seems that the official expanded his chest, accepted the complaint and referred it For a specialized course, and on the following morning, the same complainant was present with three complaints against members of his tribe and grievances from government institutions, which provoked the official’s anger, and prompted him to ask the complainant: What is the motive for bothering yourself, exhausting others and preoccupying official authorities? His brief answer was, “My right, by God, I have not been silent about it.” Following the investigation, it became clear that the complainant had no right, but was attached to problems, was fascinated by submitting petitions and was not resentful of losing any lawsuit and was ready to work daily, distributing his time among the authorities.

One of the current officials in Al-Baha revealed that the number of malicious complaints submitted daily exceeds 200, which means that we are facing a phenomenon that is spreading among an irresponsible societal sample, that does not respect the time of employees, nor citizens, does not value social ties, kinship ties, and looks forward to discussing the phenomenon among the elites. And develop the necessary solutions to address the phenomena obstructing about 50% of the development of the region, to impede the projects.

Amin Al-Baha: Putting personal interests first

The Mayor of Al-Baha region, Dr. Ali bin Muhammad Al-Sawat, confirms that malicious complaints are still common, and they continue to obstruct and delay the implementation of some development projects, and attributed their prevalence to the imbalance of the value system and conflict of interests among a group of members of society and the tendency to give priority to the individual interest over the public interest without any face Right, in addition to the complexity and overlap in the aspects of society’s life today.

He explained that malicious complaints in the past decades were not as large as they are today because of the simplicity of life at that time and as a result of the rule of norms and morals and the rise of the religious determination of members of society.

Al-Sawat expressed his annoyance with some elderly people who visit government departments daily to submit and follow up complaints, and said: “I took pity on them and convinced a number of them to stop submitting complaints and go back to full rest in the fall.”

He revealed that as soon as he started talking for a few minutes with the complainant; He spontaneously discloses the dimensions and background of his complaint, and it becomes clear that a family dispute, divorce or inheritance dispute leads the complainant to file a complaint in another different subject out of revenge against the opponent.

He pointed out that malicious complaints today slow down the development process, especially in service agencies in particular, as an unjustified objection to the type, location or mechanism of implementing a government development project, adding that it is a distraction for the authorities and a drain on time and effort and causes costs of public money for study, research and verification. of its credibility and then take action about it.

Social worker: circulating “blacklist” to avoid harm

The social worker, Seif Mahdi, believes that the person who is accustomed to malicious complaints feels a deficiency, or suffers crises due to social accumulations; Including the loss of community presence, marginalization, and miserable childhood, stressing that some suffering creates fierce and resentful personalities and does not soften to appease, does not submit to regulations, does not fear punishment, and aspires to put a (blacklist) in the names of famous people with malicious lawsuits to defame them, and a notification to government agencies to avoid harming others, because Some of them feel good about themselves because they annoyed their opponent, or hindered him from his work. There remains great hope for strengthening the articles of the judicial costs and expenses system to ensure that malicious lawsuits are addressed by imposing punitive penalties, including fines and imprisonment, based on providing an effective regulatory environment to curb malicious lawsuits.

Transportation Manager: Road projects stumbled

The Director of the Ministry of Transport and Logistics Branch in Al-Baha, Engineer Misfir Al-Maliki, said that malicious complaints have a significant impact on the workflow in any sector, and considered them as reasons for impeding development, stressing their negative impact on employee productivity and the ability to work. He explained that from the previous experience, the branch was targeted by a number of malicious complaints, which affected the implementation and completion of a project and caused the suspension of parts of the project.

Artful complaints distort the image

The Mayor of Al-Baha Al-Sawat expressed his regret that some people open up to an administrative body on several fronts, and raise their complaints to the highest authorities in the state and at the same time raise them to the executive ministries, the supervisory authorities and the judicial authorities, noting that malicious complaints are cunning, as they distort the truth and distort the image and build its formulation On exaggeration, exaggeration and exaggeration of the issue from a unilateral point of view, he added, “Some of them continue to spin around in the corridors of the offices of service and control agencies for many years, and in the end are saved.” Al-Sawat said, As a government official in an important service agency, I am not sensitive or bothered at all by any malicious complaint that affects me personally because its revocation is easy and the truth always reveals itself and may arise from a misunderstanding of the complainant and was not intended to offend.

Al-Sawat considered the growth of malicious complaints that harm the higher interests of society and negatively affect development projects, which necessitates intervention in this matter through the introduction of new regulations and legislation that control and limit the phenomenon, looking forward to activating, implementing and enforcing existing systems that are supposed to limit malicious complaints, as rulings have been issued. Judicial orders for some to stop submitting malicious complaints on specific topics, but continue and continue to file complaints by proxy through other relatives or acquaintances, trying to conceal their identity or impersonating a pseudonym in order to harm others while they are hiding.

He believes that people’s satisfaction is an unattainable goal, and he called on everyone who addresses the public service in a government job to be patient, wise and calm, and not to be resentful or allergic to these malicious complaints, in light of the higher instructions that stipulated not to stop the implementation of any government project in the event of any Any complaint or objection, and that the complainant must resort to the competent judicial authorities for redress if he is a right holder.

Psychological consultant: Jealousy and personal hatred

The psychological consultant, Dr. Sultan Musharraf, confirmed that the malicious complainants have different paths, and they cannot be included in a fixed box, or a single template. He attributed the motives for complaints to jealousy, personal hatred, envy, revenge motive, and recovery, due to job competition or social presence. . Musharraf suggested that the motive for the continuation of complaints would be the lack of strict punishment against the applicant with malicious claims, the leniency of some systems and their applications in receiving his complaints with acceptance, and he classified some cases as troubled or aspiring to prove their presence and destinations in their surroundings.

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