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Next Saturday, Jordan will start issuing and distributing bills with the new electricity subsidy tariff to be applied to citizens.

The Minister of State for Information Affairs, the official spokesman for the government, Faisal Al-Shboul, said during a press conference today, Thursday, with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Saleh Al-Kharabsheh, to talk about the developments in the subsidy tariff applied as of the first of last April, that the government will start issuing and distributing electric bills. The new tariff on citizens, starting next Saturday, in all parts of the Kingdom, from the three electricity distribution companies.

Shboul added that there is a large sector that has not been registered on the platform designated for obtaining electricity subsidies in Jordan, indicating that the proceeds from the reduction of electrical tariffs will not go to the treasury, but to support the sectors.

He pointed out that “a study was conducted on the new bills after reading the meters for the purposes of ensuring that the subsidy actually reaches its beneficiaries, and that this new structure of the tariff goes to its beneficiaries.”

Electricity subsidy in Jordan
Press conference on developments in the new electricity tariff in Jordan

Meter reading

For his part, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Saleh Al-Kharabsheh said, on Thursday, that 90% of the meters registered for the electricity subsidy tariff and were read recently, “will not increase in value.”

He added that those who did not register for the subsidy, and whose invoices were issued, can review the distribution companies to cancel the bill, and issue a new subsidized bill.

He pointed out that it is possible to issue a new subsidized bill for those who are not registered until the end of the month, explaining that electricity bills with the subsidized tariff will start to be distributed as of next Saturday.

Electricity bills in Jordan

Al-Kharabsheh said: “We started reading the bills of the electricity distribution companies, which started reading the bills as usual from the beginning of the month, but we decided to go back to reviewing the read bills, and today we will inform you and through you to the rest of the citizens, these numbers, and the percentages that were previously announced, that the actual results are identical with what was done. previously announced.

He added that “the government has tried by various means to encourage all groups targeted with electricity subsidies to continue receiving support by registering Jordanians, temporary passport holders and residents of the Gaza Strip residing in Jordan.”

He said, “We have one million and 113 thousand meters registered for electricity subsidy tariffs, out of one million and 950 thousand meters registered to receive subsidies.”

And he added: “There are those who ask why this difference?” He added, “This difference will remain, because there are existing categories that are not targeted by support, so we will not reach a 100% registration rate, and if we wanted to reach a 100% registration rate, there would be no need to launch this platform.”

Electricity subsidy in Jordan
Press conference on electricity subsidy tariff developments in Jordan

Electricity for the domestic sector in Jordan

Kharabsheh said that until yesterday, Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 308 thousand electricity meters were read in the domestic sector, 177,000 of which were registered for subsidies, and the rest were either not registered for subsidies or they were from non-target groups.

Kharabsheh added that “the percentage of those who registered for support is good when talking about one million and 130 thousand registered out of the total number.

He stressed that in the month of April, 95% of the 177,000 household electricity meters that were read were “unaffected”.

He pointed out that there are doubts about the government’s intentions with regard to subsidizing electricity, indicating that the rate of reduction of the value of the electric tariff on the productive sectors amounted to 9%.

The Minister of Energy hoped that the citizen would perceive a decrease in commodity prices as a result of the reduction in the value of the electric tariff.

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