On April 24, the coach of the Algerian national football team, Djamel Belmadi, officially announced his continuation in his position, despite his failure in the last African Nations Cup in Cameroon, as well as not qualifying for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, but he has not renewed his contract so far. Which ends next December.

Although Belmadi’s announcement that he would remain coach of the Algerian national team after the World Cup failure, many Algerian fans were satisfied with their coach, but the failure to renew his contract, which will expire at the end of the current year, raised many questions, whether among many analysts, the media, and even fans.

The Algerian national team will begin its campaign in the qualifiers for the African Nations Cup 2023, which will start at the beginning of next June, and will continue until the spring of next year. Moral with Algeria is more than material.” However, the failure to start the procedures for renewing his contract, whether from him personally or by the Football Association, raises many doubts.

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In this context, a source familiar with this matter revealed to winwin that the Football Association really wants to extend Belmadi’s contract and has previously been presented with this matter, but he is waiting for a signal from the coach to agree on all the details of the new contract, especially with regard to the time period and the required goals.

The same source added that there is a direct reason hindering the renewal of Belmadi’s contract, which is the unstable situation in which the Football Association is present at the present time, due to the announcement of its president, Sharaf El-Din Amara, to resign immediately after the World Cup failure and then to retract the decision, as this left a division within the executive office of the federation. Before this was followed by the resignation of 6 members of the union, which put the executive office in front of a legal problem that may reach the point of dissolving it and calling for new elections.

According to the same source, this matter caused Belmadi to wait in making the decision to renew, especially since he did not want to work in a charged atmosphere within the Algerian Football Association, which has been living since the election of its executive office in April of last year, many problems, most notably the incompatibility between the president and members of his office. Therefore, Belmadi is awaiting clarification of matters within the federation before taking any step to renew his contract.

It should be noted that the Algerian national team will start its preparatory camp on May 31, at the National Training Center in Sidi Moussa, south of Algiers, in preparation for the 2023 African Nations Cup qualifiers, and to erase the disappointment of not qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar.

The Algerian national team was placed in Group F of the African Championship qualifiers, and this group includes Niger, Tanzania and Uganda.

The Algerian national team will play two official matches in the 2023 African Nations Cup qualifiers next month, where it will meet with Uganda on Saturday, June 4, at the new stadium in Oran, before moving to Dar es Salaam on Wednesday, June 8, to face Tanzania at the “Benjamin Mkapa” stadium. the National.

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