BP joins offshore wind race in the Netherlands

British oil company BP plans to compete to develop offshore wind farms in upcoming tenders in the Netherlands.

In this context, the British Oil Company launched two bids for the development of the sixth and seventh sites at the Hollands Coast West offshore wind farm; Hoping to support clean energy projects and decarbonization goals.

The farm is located 53 kilometers off the west coast of the Netherlands and has a potential production capacity of 1.4 GW.

If the bids are successful, the company will be able to invest 2 billion euros ($2.1 billion) to develop more clean energy projects in the Netherlands.

(EUR = 1.04 USD)

ambitious goals

British oil company BP revealed its plans to develop the two sites, which have a total area of ​​176 square kilometres.

Offshore wind projects in the Netherlands – Photo courtesy of Wind Europe

She said the bids will support expansion and transformation plans to increase investment in clean energy in the Netherlands, as well as support decarbonization goals in the Rotterdam region, according to the company’s statement posted on its website.

In this regard, Anja Isabel Dotznerrath, Executive Vice President, Gas and Low Carbon Energy, said: “Achieving carbon neutrality is not limited to generating renewable electricity from offshore farms, but we need to provide an integrated energy system, in which priority is to renewable energy sources, and we plan To do this in the Netherlands.

And she continued: “We will apply an integrated energy strategy to integrate the supply and demand of green energy into the energy system, and this will include the use of offshore wind energy to electrify the industrial and transportation sectors, the use of renewable energy to produce green hydrogen, and help decarbonizing sectors that are difficult to electrify, such as aviation, refining and heavy transportation. This will support the Netherlands’ ambitious emissions reduction goals.”

Dotzenrath added that BP plans to deploy innovative technologies to expand the scale and scope of monitoring and analysis; With the aim of achieving a tangible change in marine environment research, in line with its objectives in making a positive impact in the North Sea region.

Bid evaluation

Bids for the sixth site will be evaluated against environmental innovation criteria, with BP proposing to create innovative solutions to enhance the Netherlands’ North Sea ecosystem.

The bid for the site includes a commitment to spend €75 million on environmental monitoring and the use of technologies to enhance and improve the environment in the North Sea.

Offshore wind projects in the Netherlands – Photo courtesy of Wind Europe

The bid for the seventh site will be evaluated based on systems integration criteria, and the British company will focus in this bid on the Rotterdam region.

The tender proposes linking electricity generation from offshore wind and 500 megawatts of electrolyzer to produce approximately 50,000 tons of green hydrogen annually for the company’s Rotterdam refinery, and produce 10,000 barrels per day of sustainable aviation fuel.

The bid also includes the installation of a new electric boiler and superheated steam boiler at the Rotterdam refinery, utility-scale batteries, as well as the development of electric vehicle charging stations and low-carbon logistics centres.

Additionally, investments include implementing additional innovative solutions to improve the digital grid, and stabilizing the balance between electricity demand and production from an offshore wind farm.

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