The European Football Association does not stop developing its competitions at the level of clubs and teams, and at the heart of it is the most popular tournament in the world for teams, the European Champions League, which is not only followed by fans of the football witch, but its popularity extends far beyond that.

UEFA tournaments are constantly evolving. At the level of teams, Euro 2016 witnessed a precedent that moved to other continents, such as Africa, with the participation of 24 teams instead of 16, and giving an opportunity for other teams to be present.

In this sense, UEFA unveiled on Tuesday 10 May 2022 a new system for the European Champions League, which will also be considered a revolution in the world of football, and will not be limited to the Champions League, but will extend to the European League and the fledgling European Championship League.

In the following lines, we learn about the new European Champions League system, and what is the number of participating teams when it is implemented? And when does it start working in the Champions League and the two UEFA club competitions?


What is the new Champions League system?

The new European Champions League system requires that the number of teams participating in the tournament will be increased to 36 clubs instead of 32 in the current system, and all these clubs will be located in one group instead of being divided into separate groups.

Each team will play 8 matches to be decided by lottery against different opponents, 4 of these matches at home and with their fans, and 4 others outside the rules, and these matches will be played over 10 weeks.

As for qualifying from the first round in the new European Champions League system, the top eight teams in the group’s standings will guarantee their presence in the round of 16, while the clubs that ranked from 9 to 24 will compete in the playoffs to qualify for the final price.

The qualification supplement in the Champions League will be played in the new system, with a knockout system of two home and away matches. The matches will be determined by lottery, and the tournament will continue in the same way until the final as it is currently in place.

The losing teams from the play-off qualifying for the Round of 16 in the new European Champions League system will not move to the European League, but will be eliminated from the continental competitions completely in that season.

The European League and Conference League system will also change, and it will be the same as the new Champions League system, whether in terms of the increase in the number of qualified teams, or the system of playing matches and qualifying through the various stages until the final.

Who will go to the seats added in the new Champions League system?

As previously mentioned, the number of clubs participating in the European Champions League with its new system will become 36 instead of only 32 as it is currently in force, and the qualification system will continue as it is, with the distribution of the four new seats as follows:

  1. The team with the third place in the fifth league in the UEFA ranking.
  2. Adding a new champion to his country’s league by increasing the number of champions track teams from 4 to 5.
  3. The last two seats will go to the two best associations whose clubs achieved results in the previous season’s UEFA competitions (the total number of points obtained divided by the number of participating clubs).
Champions League

When will the implementation of the new European Champions League system start?

The new European Champions League system will start from the 2024-2025 season, and this system will start to be implemented in the European League and European Conference League in the same season.

As for the next two versions of the Champions League and the other two European Football Championships, it will continue with the current system, with 32 teams participating, divided into 8 groups, and qualifying with the three tournament systems that are currently in force.

What is the date of the matches in the new European Champions League system?

In its statement issued on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, the European Football Association confirmed that the Champions League matches with its new system will continue on the same dates as usual at the present time, and there will be no change to them.

Thus, we will wait for the Champions League matches in the new system on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the European League and the European Conference League matches being held mainly on Thursday, with some of them taking place on Wednesday.

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