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  • Norway introduces two offshore wind farms with a capacity of 4.5 GW
  • International energy companies are racing to seize the opportunity to establish the first wind farm in Norway
  • 53 new oil production licenses in Norway in January
  • Equinor and Eni form alliance to win wind farm in northern Norway

Norway plans to break into the world’s wind energy market, producing 30 gigawatts by 2040, to meet the growing domestic demand for electricity, and to export renewable energy to the outside world.

The population of the northern European country is suffering from the increasing rise in energy prices, as is the case in the rest of the continent.

Norway, which has built its wealth from oil and gas, has designated two areas in the North Sea to accommodate up to 4.5 gigawatts of capacity of floating and fixed-bottom wind turbines, amid strong interest from major energy companies.

Wind power plants in Norway

The first wind energy tender, with a capacity of 1.5 gigawatts, is expected to be tendered by next year in Sørlej Nordsjo, near the Danish border, to produce wind from stationary turbines.

This farm can provide 7 TWh of electricity, covering the energy needs of 460,000 families.

The second terminal of the floating wind farm is located in Utsera Nord, which covers an area of ​​1,000 square kilometers (386 square miles), northwest of the oil industry capital, Stavanger.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr told a press conference that the first turbines could be completed in the second half of this decade, noting that government support might be needed to keep the projects going.

Wind Energy
A wind farm in Norway – Photo by Reuters

A large number of international energy companies have expressed interest in Norwegian wind energy bids, as Anglo-Dutch Shell is cooperating with local companies BKK and Lacey to prepare bids for floating and fixed wind stations, according to Reuters.

British oil giant BP announced that it would join Norway’s Statcraft, Acker Offshore Wind; To apply for permits in the southern region.

Sweden’s Vattenfall has partnered with C-Gast – a joint venture between industrial investment firms Arendals Voscicompany and Verde – to capture bids for both projects.

Global interest from energy companies

Statcraft and Acre Offshore Wind have teamed up with Ocean Winds, a joint venture between France’s ENGIE and Portugal’s EDP, to advance the floating offshore wind farm.

Denmark’s Ørsted has formed an alliance with Fred Olsen Renewables, a subsidiary of Bonheur, and utility company Havsland Eco, which plans to develop offshore wind farms in both regions.

Equinor is seeking to win the bids offered in both regions, as it intends to cooperate with the renewable energy unit of Italy’s Eni, to win the floating wind farm in Ocera North, and it also cooperated with the German company RWE and Norsek Hydro to win the wind farm in Sorleigh Nordsjo.

Wind Energy
The Shell company logo is reflected in the side mirror of a car in West London – Photo by Reuters

Germany’s ENBO and several Norwegian partners, including food supplier Norgesgriben, announced an initiative to win the development of the 1.5 GW wind farm in Sorlegg Nordsjo.

The Italian company Eni plans to participate in the tender for the wind farm in Sorleigh Nordsjo, in cooperation with the Danish company Hitec Vision.

Agdir Energy and GI AG announced their plans to acquire the offshore wind farm in Ostera Nord.

Mangora and Technip FMC are seeking to participate in the tender for the wind farm in Astoria Nord, through the Mangora Offshore Wind Company.

Deep Wind Offshore, a joint venture between shipping companies Knutsen Awas and utility Haugland Craft, plans to apply for the two wind farms in Norway.

Norsey and Parkwind intend to collaborate to win licenses for both projects.

Despite its interest in wind energy projects, Norway remains focused on oil and gas, with the government granting 53 new oil production licenses in January.

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