Football fans around the world are waiting for the final of one of the oldest domestic tournaments in football history, the 2022 FA Cup Final, which will bring together Liverpool and Chelsea.

The FA Cup is of great importance, especially in the country of England, as it is the most prestigious tournament that the top English Premier League compete for every year, and has a special character that reflects the long history of the country in which football originated.

The FA Cup is the oldest tournament in the history of football at the present time, its first edition was played in 1871, 151 years ago, and this competition preceded all major competitions across the globe.

In the following lines, we learn everything about the 2022 FA Cup final between Liverpool and Chelsea, the date and transmission channels and how to watch the live broadcast, as well as a glimpse of the history of the competition.

Sadio Mane has played 188 games for Liverpool since joining him in 2016 (Getty)

What is the date of the FA Cup 2022 final?

The date of the FA Cup 2022 final is next Saturday, May 14, 2022, corresponding to Shawwal 13, 1443 AH, and the match will combine, as we mentioned before, between Liverpool and Chelsea.

The start of the FA Cup 2022 final whistle sounds at exactly seven in the evening, local time in Mecca, and six in the evening until a quarter in the evening, Cairo time.

What are the channels for the 2022 FA Cup Final?

The major English championships are broadcast on the BN Sport channel group, including the FA Cup, throughout the Middle East and the countries of the great Arab world, from the ocean to the Gulf.

As for the channel that will carry the FA Cup Final 2022, it will be beIN SPORTS PREMIUM 1, on which the English Premier League matches are usually broadcast, especially the most important on Saturdays and Sundays.

How to watch the live broadcast of the FA Cup 2022 final?

The rights of beIN Sports channels of the major English leagues and leagues are not limited to satellite broadcasting only, but also the rights to broadcast live broadcasts over the Internet as well.

But to watch the live broadcast of the FA Cup Final, you must subscribe to the beIN Connect service, which allows you to follow all the matches of the leagues and tournaments that the Qatari network has rights to.

Where will the 2022 FA Cup Final be held?

Every year, the home stadium of the FA Cup Final is Wembley Stadium, the historic stadium of English football, which reflects the traditions and legacy of the English football club.

Wembley Stadium was established in 1923 and took the name of the British Empire Stadium, and hosted a number of important events for football and all sports, most notably the 1948 London Olympics.

the matchThe appointmentcarrier channelsstadium
Liverpool – ChelseaSaturday 14 May 2022
17:45 Egypt, 18:45 Saudi Arabia
beIN SPORTS PREMIUM 1Wembley Stadium

How did Liverpool qualify for the 2022 FA Cup Final?

Liverpool started their campaign in the FA Cup 2022 from the third round, where they faced Shrewsbury club and won four goals to one, to face Cardiff City in the fourth round and beat them by three goals to one, before eliminating Norwich City from the fifth round with two goals to one.

In the quarter-finals, the Reds faced a fierce team that does not play in the English Premier League, Nottingham Forest, and beat them narrowly with a clean goal, before the Liverpool and Manchester City summit in the semi-finals, which ended with the victory of Mohamed Salah’s colleagues by three goals to two goals.

Liverpool’s road to the 2022 FA Cup Final

rolethe matchThe result
the thirdLiverpool Shrewsbury Town1-4
the fourthLiverpool Cardiff City1-3
FifthLiverpool – Norwich City1-2
Quarter-finalsNottingham Forest – Liverpool1-0
semi finalManchester City – Liverpool3-2

How did Chelsea qualify for the 2022 FA Cup Final?

Chelsea’s start in the FA Cup was from the third round as well, and they beat Chesterfield by five goals to one, to face Plymouth Argyll in the fourth round and narrowly beat it with two goals to one.

The Blues eliminated Luton Town from the fifth round by winning 3-2, and then beat Middlesbrough 2-0 in the quarter-finals, before eliminating Crystal Palace with the same result in a London derby that brought the two teams together in the semi-finals.

Chelsea’s road to the 2022 FA Cup Final

rolethe matchThe result
the thirdChelsea – Chesterfield1-5
the fourthChelsea – Plymouth Argyle1-2
FifthLuton Town – Chelsea3-2
Quarter-finalsMiddlesbrough – Chelsea2-0
semi finalChelsea – Crystal Palace0-2

What are the financial prizes for the FA Cup 2022?

The prize money for the FA Cup winner is estimated at 1.8 million pounds, and the runner-up gets 900,000 pounds, which is half the amount received by the champion, but the financial prizes for the FA Cup start the additional preliminary round, whether losers or winners, and the amounts start to increase until Reach the grand prize in the final.

2022 FA Cup Awards

Additional Preliminary Round1,125375
Preliminary role1,444481
First Qualifying Role2,250750
Second Qualifying Role3,3751,125
Third Qualifying Role5,6251,875
Fourth Qualifying Role9,3753,125
First round22,629
second floor34,000
Third round82,000
Fourth Floor90,000
the fifth floor180,000
semi final900,000450,000

*All amounts are in Pounds Sterling

How many trophies does Liverpool have in the FA Cup?

Liverpool has won 7 FA Cup titles throughout its history, and its first victory was in 1965, while the Reds have not lifted the cup on any occasion since the 2006 final against West Ham, 16 years ago.

In addition, Liverpool have lost the FA Cup final 7 times before, the last of which was ten years ago in 2012, when Chelsea faced their opponent in the final of this year and lost by two goals to one.

How many Chelsea trophies in the FA Cup?

Chelsea is superior to Liverpool in the number of FA Cup championships with one title, as the Blues lifted the cup on 8 occasions, the first in 1970 and the last in the 2018 final, and the London team lost the final 7 times as well, the last of which was last season’s final against Leicester City.

Who is the team that won the most FA Cup?

The team that has won the most FA Cup in history is Arsenal, which won the title 14 times before and lost 7 finals, followed by Manchester United in the list with 12 titles from 20 finals, then Chelsea comes equally with Tottenham in third place, followed by Liverpool, which holds the same Aston Villa nicknames.

FA Cup winning teams

the teamHerorunner-up
Manchester United128
Aston Villa74
Newcastle United67
Manchester City65
Blackburn Rovers62
West Brom55
Sheffield United42
Sheffield Wednesday33
West Ham32
Preston North End25
Old iTunes24
Nottingham Forest21
Huddersfield Town14
Leicester City14
Oxford University13
Royal Engineers13
Derby County13
Leeds United13
Cardiff City12
Clapham Rovers11
Notts County11
Charlton Athletic11
Old Carthusians10
Blackburn Olympic10
Bradford City10
Ipswich Town10
Coventry City10
Wigan Athletic10

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