The phenomenon of riots has continued in Tunisian stadiums and sports halls in recent years, and has reached an alarming degree in the sports community and outside, and hardly a week goes by without disasters and material and human losses occurring in this sports stadium or that, and in various regions of the country without exception, and among the fans of various clubs, In the different levels of the league.

The final match of the 67th edition of the Tunisian Handball Cup, which brings together Club Africain and Esperance Sportive de Tunis, was suspended on Wednesday evening, May 11th, due to riots inside the Rades hall.

Issa El-Aidouni, player of the Hungarian team Frinkfarose

A number of security and protection personnel and fans in Tunisia were injured, as riots broke out during the first minutes of the match, according to what was reported by Tunisian civil protection services, local media, and eyewitnesses who described what happened to the winwin website.

Skirmishes erupted between the fans of the two teams on the sidelines of the match, forcing the police to use tear gas and evacuating the Rades hall from all attendees, and it was decided later to postpone the match to a later date.

In a statement to reporters, the governor of the city of Ben Arous, Ezz El-Din Chalabi, described the violence that took place during the handball final between the two ancient teams as “bloody”, noting that these events are “unusual in the history of the Tunisian state,” and confirmed that the match was stopped after consultations with a minister. Sports Kamal Qudish with the aim of ensuring the safety of the fans, because “the safety of the spectators is more important than the match.

Riots halted the Tunisian Handball Cup final

And private sources close to the Tunisian civil protection interests confirmed to winwin that the riots and violence that took place in the “Capital Derby” match resulted in a serious injury to a fan of the African Club, and he is currently undergoing a surgical repair of a neck wound, while sources confirmed Another news of his death earlier Wednesday evening.

Recent years have witnessed an escalation in the frequency of riots and violence among the sports fans in Tunisia, and these events resulted in an unprecedented wave of acts of sabotage that targeted sports facilities, and caused material losses and severe damage to equipment.

Despite this, there are many examples of this phenomenon in the history of the violent incidents in Tunisian stadiums, which will inevitably remain stuck in the minds of the sporting public because it crossed all the red lines in respect of sportsmanship.

In the following report, winwin reviews the most tragic events in Tunisian football since the seventies until today:

The first spark in the Tunisian Cup final in 1971

The 1971 Tunisia Cup final, which brought together Esperance Tunis and CS Sfaxien, is among the most famous in the history of stadium riots to this day in Tunisia, due to the riots that took place at the Olympic Stadium in El Menzah in the Tunisian capital, and the historical decisions that were taken at the time, which It reached the dissolution of the Esperance team, ending and freezing its activity, before the government decided to return the team to resume its activity in the following season.

Freezing the activity of the coastal star in 1962

The city of Sousse witnessed violent incidents and riots after the match between Etoile du Sahel and Esperance in the 1962 season. At that time, Etoile’s fans at Mohamed Maarouf Al-Turabi Stadium carried out acts of violence that led to the suspension and dissolution of Etoile du Sahel for a whole season.

Casualties in the Beja stadium in 1999

Serious clashes, an exchange of violence, and control of chaos occurred during the match between Olympique Béja and Tunisia’s Esperance in 1999 in the Tunisian Cup competition, which resulted in the death of 3 fans of the Olympique Béja team, and the number of injured exceeded 18, and many parties were accused of being involved in the incident, including the former president of Esperance Selim. Chiboub, against whom a complaint was filed by some Olympique Béja fans more than 20 years after the match, accused of inciting murder.

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