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A Spanish company has begun building Australia’s largest wind farm in the southeast in Queensland, with more than twice the capacity of the Stockyard Hill project in Victoria.

This farm will be part of a complex project that includes two farms with a capacity of 1,026 gigawatts, and their investment cost will be two billion US dollars.

For the first time in Australia, which is seeking, through renewable energy, to implement the process of energy transition, the capacity of the wind farm project exceeds the gigawatt box.

wind farms in australia

The Spanish company “Accuna” and the Australian “Clianco” have started the inauguration of two wind farms, “McIntire” with a capacity of 923 megawatts, and “Carrara” with a power generation capacity of 103 megawatts.

The Spanish energy giant owns a majority stake in the McIntyre wind farm, while state-owned Cleanco owns and operates the Carrara farm, Renew Economy reported.

The capacity of the McIntyre wind farm alone is more than double the country’s currently largest project, Stockyard Hill in Victoria, which has a capacity of 530 megawatts.

While Arc Energy, a subsidiary of the South Korean “Zinc” group, owns 30% of the largest “McIntyre” wind farm in Australia, which the Spanish company Acciona began building, and it also operates a refinery near the new project.

Therefore, it is expected that the new wind farm project (the largest wind farm in Australia) will contribute to the decarbonization of the surrounding area.

Renewable energy in Australia

The start of construction of a giant wind farm complex in Australia is an indication of the activity of renewable energy projects in the Queensland region.

Among the renewable energy projects in Queensland are: Western Downs Solar Energy with a capacity of 420 MW, the Kaban wind farm with a capacity of 157 MW, and the Dulaka wind farm with a capacity of 180 MW.

The largest wind farm
A wind farm in Australia – archive

It is expected that all these projects will contract with the state-owned company, Cleanco, in order to supply it with the generated electricity.

Andrew Forest Squadron Energy has also started a wind farm project with a capacity of 450 MW.

carbon neutral

Australia is generally accelerating its pace of implementation of renewable energy projects, as the country, the second largest exporter of coal, aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, along with the rest of the Western countries.

Local and foreign companies are launching these projects, including wind farms, solar energy and the hydrogen industry.

For example, early this year, the French company “Neon” launched the first phase of the “Gooder Renewable Zone” project in South Australia.

Chris Briggs, director of research at the Sydney Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology, earlier predicted that coal workers in Australia would lose more than 10,000 jobs in 2036, and create more than 20,000-25,000 new jobs in the construction, maintenance and operations phases of the industry. Renewable energy.

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