The Italian Cremonese player, Tunisian international Hamza Rafia, expressed his great happiness and complete satisfaction with what he did during the 2021/22 football season, as he succeeded in achieving his team’s promotion to the Italian Premier League, and participated for the first time in his international career with Tunisia in the Nations Cup. The African Union, which was held in Cameroon earlier this year, stressing that he will continue to work and try to improve despite the criticisms that affected him.

Rafia wrote on his official Facebook page: “Praise be to God through thick and thin… the football season has ended for me and I am very happy and satisfied, after my team’s promotion to the Italian Premier League.”

Hamza Rafia (twitter/joueurtn)

The 23-year-old added, “I was also able to attend the African Nations Cup with my country and also reach the World Cup finals. Despite the criticism, I will continue to work to improve and achieve my dreams.”

Cremonese club succeeded in achieving promotion to the Italian Serie A after 26 years of absence, after it finished second in Serie B with 69 points, behind the leaders Lecce with 71 points.

What is the next destination for Tunisian Hamza Rafia?

Rafia left during the summer transfer period of last year, Juventus, on loan to Belgian club Standard Liege, but he failed to present his credentials and moved during last February to Cremonese club on loan until June 30.

Rafia failed to secure a place for him in the team’s starting line-up, as he participated in 12 matches, most of which were from the bench (339 minutes only) and did not succeed in scoring goals or providing decisive passes.

It is now expected that the graduate of the French Olympique Lyonnais will return to Juventus, who owns the player’s card until June 2023, and then search for a new football experience, as it is unlikely that the “Old Master” team will give him a new chance to stay with the team.

Private sources confirmed to winwin that the player’s agent has already started talks with several European clubs to ensure that he remains at a high level and preserve his opportunity to participate with the Tunisian national team in the 2022 World Cup, and the same sources indicated that the next experience of Rafia is likely to be with one of the clubs Swiss Super League.

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