The Olympic Stadium in Rome will host, at 10 pm Mecca time on Wednesday 11 May, the fiery summit between Juventus and Inter Milan in the Italian Cup final for the current season 2021-2022. In a match in which “Juve” seeks a title that will save his season, while Inter aims to beat the “old lady” once again, after stripping him of his league title and the Super Cup earlier this season.

The Juventus team is looking for its first title this season, in light of its permanent departure from the competition for the Italian league title this season, while the second won the Super Cup title at the beginning of the current season, and is still competing with its arch-rival Milan for the title of “Calcio”.

Lukaku has only scored (5) goals in the English Premier League this season (Getty)

Juventus occupies fourth place in the Italian league table with 69 points, a full 11 points behind leaders Milan, and “Juve” fears the specter of leaving empty-handed from the current season in a period not seen in more than 10 years, specifically since the 2010 season. – 2011, before tightening his grip on titles to be crowned league champions 9 times, the cup 5 times, and the same in the Super Cup, all within 10 years.

At the same time, Inter Milan seems hungry for more titles, as it is only two points behind Milan, two stages before the end of the league (80 points compared to 78).

Inter Milan and Juventus road to the Italian Cup final

Inter Milan started the Italian Cup competition this season from the round of 16, with a difficult victory over Empoli 3-2, then overcame the obstacle of Rome in the quarter-finals (2-0), and then beat neighbor Milan 3-0 in the semi-final second leg, after They tied 0-0 back home.

As for Juventus, they won a landslide victory over Sampdoria 4-1 in the round of 16, then they overcame the obstacle of Sassuolo in the quarter-finals by defeating them 2-1, and in the semi-finals they succeeded in overcoming Fiorentina by 2-0 in the return, and had defeated them in the first leg 1-0. .

Juventus and Inter Milan figures in the Italian Cup 2021/2022

Juventus managed to score 8 goals in the Italian Cup this season, and the team conceded only one goal, while Inter Milan managed to score 8 goals as well, and conceded only two goals.

Argentine Lautaro Martinez is Inter Milan’s top scorer in the Italian Cup this season, by scoring two goals, while Argentine Paulo Dybala is Juventus’ top scorer in the tournament by scoring two goals as well.

Champions’ record in the Italian Cup

Juventus is the most crowned Italian Cup in history with 14 titles, and it was the title holder last season, while Inter Milan has half the number of Juventus titles in this tournament with 7 titles, occupying fourth place among the most Italian clubs crowned the championship throughout history.

A chance to save the season

The Italian Cup competition looks like an ideal opportunity to save the season of coaches Massimiliano Allegri, coach of Juventus, and Simone Inzaghi, coach of Inter Milan, in light of the suffering of both teams at the local and European levels.

Although Inter Milan has a real chance to compete for the Italian league title, with only two points behind leaders Milan, the team is afraid of losing this opportunity, and is seeking to save its season by winning the Italian Cup.

For his part, Juventus suffers a lot in the league after falling to fourth place, along with its farewell to the Champions League, which makes the Coppa Italia an important tournament to ascend to the podiums.

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