Warning from pages defrauding the compensation of the removed Jeddah neighborhoods

Scammers took advantage of the Jeddah slump removal business to create a web page, to trap victims by downloading their personal data and real estate documents with the intent of defrauding. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs warned against dealing with any fake website claiming to receive compensation requests from Jeddah’s neighborhoods, confirming that it had monitored one of the electronic accounts on “Instagram” and a fake website.

It also revealed the monitoring of a phone number calling on citizens to upload personal data and official documents for people, and the ministry confirmed that all compensation operations resulting from the removal of Jeddah slums are carried out through a specific mechanism that was explained by the Jeddah Municipality, noting that receiving requests and compensation is through the electronic portal. for safety. The ministry urged everyone to take caution and not deal with suspicious and unreliable people and sites on the Internet and not to upload any personal files belonging to them, in order to preserve the privacy of their information.

The Jeddah Municipality, in cooperation with the General Authority for State Real Estate, had announced the receipt of compensation requests for the removal of slums through the digital trust portal, without the need to review the committee’s headquarters, and that compensation for lands owned by legal instruments will be for land and rubble, while lands not owned by legitimate instruments will be compensated for rubble. And the official spokesman of the Jeddah Municipality, Muhammad Al-Baqami, stated that receiving compensation requests digitally comes in the interest of facilitating procedures for owners.

The secretariat specified the service requirements for compensation, by filling out the building data form and attaching it in PDF format, completing all required documents, and attaching the ownership deed. Services for developing slums through the unified national access, selecting slum removal compensation services, creating a new application, attaching the required documents, and filing and submitting the application to the secretariat.

Reimbursement application documents:

Aerial photo of the site, if available

Building documentation number

Electricity bill copy, if available

A clear photograph of the entire building, if any

A copy of the agent’s national identity card and a copy of the legal agency

A copy of the owner’s national ID

Owner’s data

A copy of the instrument or document

Misleading vocabulary

The official spokesman of the Jeddah Municipality, Muhammad Al-Baqmi, confirmed that the removal of the neighborhoods of Jeddah and the removal of rubble will continue until the end of November 2022, and that so far, permanent housing has been delivered to 207 families of the residents of the removed neighborhoods, and about 4 thousand families have been handed temporary housing. The security expert, retired Major General Salem Al-Matrafi, warns of fraud cases that those seeking removal compensation may be exposed to; By deluding them with fake pages that contribute to deceiving them by exploiting their personal information, including their bank accounts, which is the main target of these gangs.

Al-Matrafi indicated that fraudsters are taking advantage of the news circulating about the approaching payment of compensation to deceive their victims, noting that social media platforms are buzzing with advertisements claiming the ability to disburse aid, financial compensation, or profitable activities, only to be surprised by the victim’s falling into the frauds’ nets. Al-Matrafi considered indirect advertisements to be deception, by using misleading words, which may contradict reality and the truth and contribute to fraud and swindling operations.

Jail and fine await fraudsters

Legal Counsel Saif Ahmed Al-Hakami confirmed that the penalty for fraud and fraud in Saudi Arabia provides for imprisonment for a period not exceeding 3 years and a fine of no more than two million riyals, or one of these two penalties, for each person who commits the crime of seizing for himself or for others a movable money or a bond, or Signing this document by fraud, taking a false name or impersonating an incorrect capacity.

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