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Many countries on the African continent are seeking to benefit from the huge potential of renewable energy growth in Africa, despite the challenges they face.

The African Development Bank (AFDB) believes that the continent is ready and committed to harnessing its potential in the clean energy sector.

In November, stakeholders from various parts of the city of Kinshasa gathered to attend the Trade Forum in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; To discuss how to advance the continent in the battery, electric vehicle and renewable energy value chains sectors.

The event reinforced the continent’s ambition to harness its clean energy potential and completely eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, by 2050.

African Development Bank support

The African Development Bank was among the participants in the DRC Forum, a sign of the Bank’s commitment to support Africa’s energy transition, ESI Africa reported.

The Bank explained that many of the projects it supports are indicative of the continent’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, although it is responsible for only 3.8% of global emissions, such as: the Nour Ouarzazate complex, which is located southeast of Marrakesh.

Renewable energy in Africa
Nour Complex Ouarzazate – photo from Twitter

The bank added that the complex is one of the largest solar energy projects in the world, with a capacity of 580 megawatts distributed over 4 power stations.

Most importantly, the complex provides electricity to nearly two million Moroccans, and contributes to curbing nearly one million tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

In Chad, the Jeremiah solar plant will soon be in commercial operation.

Senegal has also made significant progress in building 30 solar power plants in the regions of Fatik, Kidogo, Kolda, Matam and others, and citizens have high hopes for them.

In February 2022, the African Development Bank’s Board of Directors approved the LEAF Electricity Access Financing Framework Program, declaring a commitment to invest approximately $164 million to promote decentralized renewable energy in Ghana, Guinea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tunisia.

Is Africa a source of clean energy?

At the UN Climate Change Conference COP26, bank officials emphasized that Africa has enormous potential in the energy sector that can be harnessed and harnessed.

It is time for African countries to find ways to ensure a cleaner future and become an exporter of clean energy to Europe, said Gareth Phillips, Director of Climate and Environment Finance at the African Development Bank.

clean energy
Clean energy projects in Africa – Photo courtesy of Current News

In addition to natural gas, Africa possesses huge amounts of other resources, such as forests, minerals, arable land, water and wind, all of which are capable of producing enough clean energy to meet the needs of its citizens and industries, as well as support sustainable development.

The African Development Bank believes that these resources, including battery minerals and metals such as lithium and cobalt, should be tapped to support the global energy transition and Africa’s sustainable development.

At the same time, the countries of the continent should continue to achieve carbon neutrality and ensure food security, along with water and energy security for the African people.

To achieve this goal, the African Development Bank will host its annual meetings for 2022 in Accra from 23 to 27 May, and the main theme of the sessions will be “Achieving adaptation to climate change and an equitable energy transition for Africa”.

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