“Ibn Nahar” .. and the city that resembles nothing but itself

The history of the city of roses (Taif) dates back to two thousand years, and its geology is characterized by mountainous rocks, rising from sea level to a distance of 1700 meters, and beautified by mountains, valleys, dams, forests, and historical palaces. It is famous since ancient times for its water springs, orchards and farms, in addition to the presence of many landmarks, tourist resorts, gardens and parks.

So; We are in front of a fragrant history of a city that resembles nothing but itself.. a city that carries the glow of civilization and the pulse of life.. a city that bears the nobility of its people and the picturesque nature.. the city of the splendid tourist scene.. the city that became in the Saudi era the jewel of the east.

After the accession of Taif to the Saudi rule, that resort witnessed a comprehensive development, as the founder, King Abdulaziz, may his soul rest in peace, chose a man who trusted him and in his judgment, justice and fairness to be the Emir of Taif, and he is “Abdul Aziz bin Ibrahim bin Abdul Rahman bin Ibrahim”, who accompanied the founder to Makkah Al-Mukarramah. After the conquest of Taif in 1343.

A few days ago, we were pleased to appoint Prince Saud bin Nahar bin Saud bin Abdulaziz as Governor of Taif, in continuation of the Saudi march to develop that city with its historical heritage and natural ingredients that was the first official state resort, attended in summer by the kings and princes of the Saudi state. Today, “Saud bin Nahar”… the prince with a wide career and multiple experiences, the man who planned, followed, directed and accomplished, the owner of a career full of creative passion and practical success, striving for the goals set to achieve the goals of “Vision 2030”, the ambition to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the people of Taif, and when he addressed the people he said We are entrusted with the homeland. We will work together to develop our city. We will do everything in our power to raise and develop Taif and its citizens. You are my best helper.

Those words that only historical leaders through the ages begin with; Emphasizes the prince’s determination to bring about change that embraces the sky, with the ambitions of those who have the ingredients for success. He is that man who believes in the spirit of one team, who possesses a penetrating vision and leadership qualities combined with a smile of calm and intonation and a message of “work at the forefront of priorities.” To develop this historic tourist city dear to hearts.

I expect, as a journalist, to accompany the leaders on their official missions; As “Ibn Nahar” receives comments with open arms, he seeks a field tour of the vital sites where development projects are still lagging, such as: Taif International Airport, the ring road stopped in the southern part, housing services in Wadi Jalil, and the development of the Hawiyah area, In addition to the torrent road and the expansion of the city’s streets. And the development of the entrances to Taif to be a message to its visitors.

I hope that the Taif festivals (Souk Okaz, roses, grapes, honey, and others) will be places to attract the people of the different regions of the Kingdom, far from being limited to “shopping tents.”

I aspire and aspire, as other people of Taif dream, to be among the priorities of Prince Saud bin Nahar for a complete, comprehensive and urgent development of the Al Shifa and Al Hada areas, and the completion of residential, commercial and recreational services, and the winter parks in Al Bahita and Al Kar.

Finally: Taif rose growers are looking to find suitable solutions to market this product globally instead of stagnation.

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