More than a decade ago, a new player appeared with the Arab Contractors Club, exhausting the defenses of the Egyptian League teams, led by the two Egyptian football poles, Al-Ahly and Zamalek, who tasted the bitterness of housing the ball in the net at his hands.

This young man was Mohamed Salah, who was at the beginning of his professional career at the time, but he impressed all football lovers in the land of the Pharaohs, and soon he was called up to the Egyptian national team with its various degrees, whether adults, Olympic or youth.

After a few years, and we can say months from his first appearance with The Arab Contractors, the young Egyptian star decided at that time to start a professional career, neither he nor the most optimistic at the time could imagine what things turned out for him now.

Mohamed Salah began his professional career at the Swiss club Basel as a replacement for Shaqiri, who then left for Bayern Munich, and in a few days he became the first star of the team and led it to the Swiss League title.

Salah drew attention in the European League, specifically in his famous match with Basel against Chelsea, so the latter quickly signed him and included him in Jose Mourinho’s battalion, one of the training legends in modern history, so that the Egyptian pharaoh appeared in the English Premier League for the first time in the Blues shirt.

Mohamed Salah did not succeed in obtaining a key position in Mourinho’s squad, and was confined to the bench, so he decided to leave the Italian League and spent half a season with Fiorentina on loan, and after great brilliance, he joined Roma on loan as well before buying his “Gialorossi” contract.

Mohamed Salah has played 250 games for Liverpool since joining him in 2017 (Getty)

The most important move in the history of Mohamed Salah was in the summer of 2017, when Liverpool made an offer to Roma that made the Egyptian pharaoh the most expensive player in the history of the Reds at the time, as the deal was estimated at 43 million pounds.

Salah quickly proved that he deserved the amount he paid in his first season, and returned to the English Premier League with his period with Chelsea in his head, in which he did not provide anything. As usual, he quickly became the first star of Liverpool and the team’s top scorer in all competitions.

However, how many goals did Mohamed Salah score in the English Premier League, whether with Chelsea or Liverpool, the answer we present to you in the following lines.

How many goals does Mohamed Salah score in the English Premier League with Liverpool?

During his five seasons with the team so far, Mohamed Salah scored 117 goals in the English Premier League with Liverpool, scoring them in 178 games and making 50 goals for his teammates.

Egyptian Mohamed Salah Salah Liverpool Manchester United Anfield Stadium Premier League Premier League 2022 One One winwin

As we mentioned, Salah is Liverpool’s top scorer since joining him at the beginning of the 2017-18 season, during which he scored the most number of goals in the Premier League in one season, 32 goals, and won the Golden Boot for the first time in the Premier League.

The number of Salah goals with Liverpool in the English Premier League

English Premier League seasonmatchesObjectivesIndustry
Mohamed Salah goals17811750

How many goals does Mohamed Salah score in the English Premier League with Chelsea?

The number of Mohamed Salah goals in the English Premier League with Chelsea is only two, which he scored in his first season with the Blues 2013-14, and he played in total with the team 13 games during a season and a half, and did not score more than two goals and made the same.

Salah’s goals in the English Premier League with Chelsea

English Premier League seasonmatchesObjectivesIndustry
Mohamed Salah goals1322

How many goals does Mohamed Salah score in the English Premier League?

In total, the number of Mohamed Salah’s goals in the English Premier League with Liverpool and Chelsea is 119, and he has made 52 others, during the 191 matches he played in the Premier League with the two teams.

Salah’s goals in the English Premier League

the teammatchesObjectivesIndustry
Mohamed Salah goals19111952

What is Salah’s ranking among the English Premier League’s top scorers throughout history?

Salah is in the 21st place in the Premier League’s top scorer table throughout history with his 119 goals, and only one goal separates him from Romelu Lukaku and Steven Gerrard, who are in the nineteenth place.

As for the historical top scorer in the English Premier League, it is the legend Alan Shearer, who scored 260 goals, behind him is Wayne Rooney, the former Manchester United star and the current Derby County, and the most scored player among the Premier League stars at the moment is Harry Kane with 179 goals.

English Premier League top scorers table in history

1Alan Shearer260
2Wayne Rooney208
3Andrew Col187
4Sergio Aguero184
5Harry King179
6Frank Lampard177
7Thierry Henry175
8Ruby Fuller163
9Germain Defoe162
10Michael Owen150
11Not Ferdinand149
12Teddy Sheringham146
13Robin van Persie144
14Jimmy Vardy128
15thJimmy Floyd Hasselbaink127
16Ruby King126
17Nicholas Anelka125
18Dwight York123
=19Steven Gerrard120
=19Romelu Lukaku120
21Mohamed Salah119
22Ian Wright113
23Dion Dublin111
24Heskey’s email110
=25Ryan Giggs109
=25Sadio Mane109
=27Peter Crouch108
=27Raheem Sterling108
29Paul Scholes107
30Darren Bennett106

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