Chairman of the Taif Chamber: Attention to the development file, and Taif in particular, is part of the vision

The Chairman of the Taif Chamber, Dr. Sami Al-Obaidi, extended his congratulations and blessings to His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nahar bin Saud, with the royal confidence in his appointment as Governor of Taif, asking God Almighty to grant him success.

Al-Obaidi told Okaz that all regions of the Kingdom have comparative advantages that qualify them to play a vital role in developing the economy and raising the contribution to the growth of the gross domestic product. This makes the interest of His Highness the Crown Prince in its development a key factor in achieving those directions that will benefit those regions and the country.

Al-Obaidi added that the interest of His Highness the Crown Prince and his leadership in the regional development file, and Taif in particular, is part of His Highness’s ambitious vision to advance every region of the Kingdom economically, developmentally and socially. In light of its natural, geographical, cultural, environmental and economic components that were not sufficiently exploited and required in the past. Pointing out that the wise leadership’s interest in developing all regions of the Kingdom is a long-term investment not only for the benefit of the economies of those regions; Rather, it is human capital, as development plans and attracting investments to these areas will be the cornerstone in limiting the migration of their people to large cities by providing them with the best job opportunities.

Al-Obaidi touched on the most important investment opportunities in the Taif Governorate, saying: The Taif Chamber has prepared an extensive study, explaining the most important investment opportunities in Taif in all fields in numbers and details, and the study concluded that there are a number of investment opportunities in which it also showed their value and all their details. It is available for huge growth, and Taif with all its natural resources has not yet been exploited despite those potentials and opportunities, and it deserves to become one of the most beautiful and most important cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its ancient, history, resources and unique location. There are promising opportunities for projects in all economic, productive and service sectors, whether tourism, agricultural or mining, because Taif is virgin in these sectors and is still not sufficiently exploited in terms of infrastructure and development and development projects in Taif Governorate are currently taking shape.

The study indicated that the start of work on the implementation of the new Taif projects will be a strong start that provides many investment opportunities with the availability of many natural resources and raw materials, especially mining and agricultural, which is a promising opportunity to invest in many manufacturing industries, building materials and food industries. The Taif Governorate, like other cities in the Kingdom, has received the attention, care and support of the rational government under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince – may God preserve them.

Investment opportunities with success partners

The Chamber of Commerce seeks to study and explore investment opportunities and mechanisms for their implementation in cooperation with all relevant government agencies and departments and in partnership with the private sector, including companies and businessmen, as partners of success. Among these investment opportunities are:

– Pharmaceuticals and Medicinal Drugs Production Project:

It includes antibacterials and antibiotics – high blood pressure drugs – anti-endocrine and cardiovascular diseases at a total cost of (145.02 million riyals).

• Flat Iron Factory Project (Coated Steel)

It includes rolls and sheets of cold-rolled steel and tin plates at a total cost of (543.750 million riyals).

• Perfumes and essential oils factory, which includes perfumes and essential oils, at a total cost of (30 million riyals).

• The residential city project (Taif Downtown), which includes a complex of factories – gas stations – a medical center – workshops – residential complexes – markets, restaurants and small workshops – housing complexes for workers at a total cost of (906 million riyals).

• Dry and refrigerated warehouses project, which includes freezing wards – cooling wards, at a total cost of (23 million riyals).

• The ready-made meals factory project, which includes the production of healthy and nutritious meals at a total cost of (30 million riyals).

• The Media Production City project, which includes theaters and internal studios – an information center – administrative towers – a heritage market – a plaza for celebrations and events at a total cost of (30 million riyals).

• Modern Greenhouse Farms Project, which includes greenhouses, transport fleet, warehouses, and services, at a total cost of (60 million riyals).

• An environmental and agricultural resort project and a hospital rehabilitation center: it includes hospitals – a health resort – small playgrounds – children’s playgrounds – a closed hall for games – a track and a small stable for horses – a track for walking and bicycles, at a total cost of (90 million riyals).

Waste Recycling Company Project: It includes raw materials of plastic, paper and solid materials – organic fertilizers at a total cost of (100 million riyals).

The project of the Agricultural Food Products Marketing Company, which includes the company’s administrative headquarters – the assembly and sorting station – the transport fleet – car parking and maintenance at a total cost of (40 million riyals).

Poultry farm and slaughterhouse project: It includes poultry and mother farms – the company’s administrative headquarters – dry and refrigerated warehouses – slaughterhouses, parking lots and maintenance, at a total cost of (163 million riyals).

• Five-star tourist hotel project: It includes rooms, suites, restaurant, commercial center and chalets at a total cost of (150 million riyals).

• A school complex project with international curricula and nurturing the gifted: It includes classes for students at a total cost of (37 million riyals).

• A project for a health care company (Ahli Hospital of all specialties), which includes all medical centers, departments and units, at a total cost of (129 million riyals).

The project of the Exhibitions and Conferences Company, which includes a conference and symposium hall, covered and open exhibition halls – a service complex at a total cost of (180 million riyals).

• The project of an amusement park, a complex, restaurants and a heritage market, which includes an entertainment amusement park – a restaurant and coffee complex – a heritage market and children’s playgrounds at a total cost of (60 million riyals).

• A tourist resort project which includes a main hotel – conference hotel – health resort – sports club and a commercial walkway at a total cost of (400 million riyals).

• The project of a factory for the production of glass containers, which includes glass containers, with a total amount of (100 million riyals).

Al-Obaidi concluded his speech with sincere calls to the Prince of Taif, Prince Saud bin Nahar Al Saud, and to Taif for development and prosperity.

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